Where is the "Off-topic" forum?


Not sure was this already asked but here it is.

I was wondering why CGTalk doesn’t have an off-topic forum where we can discuss anything; music, hobbies, y’know, life in general and things besides 3D :slight_smile:

I’m assuming this was considered at some point but wasn’t made due to moderation complications? Or am I wrong?

I thought it might be a fun thing.

If mods don’t like the idea, feel free to delete this thread/ignore it and say why not, that’d be nice :thumbsup:


PS. If I haven’t done this “Suggest a new feature” thing right with the poll and everything, tell me what to fix, don’t ban or flame me pls ;).


I’m interested to see the result. I’d like an off topic forum, but i understand it has caused issues in the past.

One thing to note: we do now have a off topic chat room (the little popup in the bottom corner of the portfolio and gallery pages).