Where is the interactive pivot with ALT?


Hey guys ,

So i use the alternate mapping which uses the ALT key for camera navigation (not the qwerty one) all the rest is default xsi layout. problem is i cant find the interactive pivot tool that you accessed by holding down ALT anywhere. also cant select edge loops\rings easily now thanks to the same problem. Anyone know where that tool is located or what it is called under keyboard mapping?

Thanks in advance.



hmm message to short, well there u go


D is duplicate single here. :frowning:


Maybe in keyboard mapping window, Group “Transform tool” and command "Edit transform pivot (alternate) is the option to set it up?

I look in the default keymap and nothing is there (should be the ALT key) but I tried and looks like it works.


I think when using the Maya key mapping Alt becomes CTRL+ALT.


Yea , i am not using maya key mapping though , just the alternate mapping which i turned on under pref > tools > camera.

it says:

“when ALT navigation is enabled this setting overrides any tools that use ALT as a modifier key”

I hope that does not mean i cant map the alt key to something else because it is pretty indispensible. I use the temp pivot and edge loop selection all the time :frowning:


I believe that’s exactly what it means… it seems like i read somewhere in the pre-release postings (or vid?) that using ALT for camera movement basically kills ALT-related XSI key combos (such as pivot placement).

I could be wrong tho.



Try D or insert


using the alternate camera navigation that Ali is using should have no effect, at least it didn-t in 4.2…


Sorry, I’m a noob and maybe a miss something basic,

But you can map the function to other keys, right?

In the Keyboard mapping

Transform tool - Edit transform pivot
and in
Select tool - Select component range/loop.


aaah ok i thought you where just using the QWERTY interaction model, D works then

i tried, a few weeks back to find the ALT keymapping, but i had no luck finding it, then again i didn’t look to hard:)



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