where is the custom placement of buttons or move manually?


where is the custom placement of buttons or move manually?
I can’t move them or place them freely in 2.5??


They simplified the buttons UI and that was a feature they removed. You can still position the button categories but not the individual buttons.

If you have a need for a specific location for your buttons there is a workaround. If you still have Silo 2.3 the buttons can be set up there, saved as a custom config and then opened in 2.5. It doesn’t work perfectly but it does work.


I did a custom interface and often I add or move some button to make my work easier. So I need to manually place them. They go all around the interface, as in Zbrush, not just to a side or the other, and there are several columns sometimes on a side, not just one. It seems I can’t do that now.

I use the Seam version so I can’t have the 2 versions installed at a time. So I rolled back to 2.3 and will not update. The annoying floating confirmation on Steam, being unable to open more than 1 instance, and not being able to keep my customizations and update them makes it not possible for me to update. It’s a shame because the performance improved as well as the stability.

Hope they bring the option back. I hoped improvements, not removal of functions. As I see it, it’s not an update but an “outdate”. I think it can be possible to keep the good things of the new version and bring back the old good ones too. At least I hope they do.

Removing features is not an advance.


Maybe you can grab 2.3x from here: http://nevercenter.com/silo/download_file/?filetype=win_64&utm_source=site&utm_medium=pc&utm_term=2_5&utm_content=pc&utm_campaign=silo_dl

The link is at the bottom of the page. Functional apart from a polygon limit when saving (one the demo period expires) so maybe you can install it alongside the steam version for editing your buttons.

I agree it seems a bit strange removing functionality. Essentially simplifying something that is already quite simple…


Thank you, I will try. But anyway we need it back, as you say, it was already simple.


I completely agree. Simplicity is nice if it performs a function that eliminates clutter, confusion and unnecessary complexity. A key feature, and an incredibly beautiful one, of Silo is the amazing ability to customize the living shit out of it with very little effort. I can’t understand why they would limit that in newer versions.

Can you run and activate the standalone PC version without purchasing it if you bought it through Steam?


I don’t know. I would love to use the pc version.