Where is everyone?


Where is everyone?

This place and the other forums here are like ghost towns.


Facebook groups


Say thanks to the new management that took over a few years back. They alienated all the old forums leaders and admins, made a huge load of promises and left everyone hanging. The Cinema 4D forum was the single most active forum for years, the new owners switched focus to AD, without actually doing something to make it worthwhile for AD users.
I would add Core4D.com (Old C4D Cafe) to the list, it is payed forum now though.


Hi Srek, are you not with Maxon anymore? You have been incredibly helful on this forum over the years, It a shame to see abandoned


I am still with Maxon (21 years and counting), though in a different position than at the time when this forum was alive.
I still try to be helpful, but mostly on Core4D and Reddit these days.
It is an utter shame that CG Society collapsed to this point, but quite a few trolls helped it along. When this forum turned toxic and the owners refused to intervene in any way the unavoidable happened. Basically everyone who was interested in a civil and helpful discussion moved on.


i prefer forums but now era of telegram channels.
and some days ago “forums” inside telegram appears.


I still drop in, and I think a lot of people do. However there are a small number of bizarrely toxic users on here, who have made this an insufferable place to want to communicate. It is frighting how a couple of users can a destroy an otherwise technically functional forum. As Srek wrote, without moderation, how do you stop any forum from going of rail? you can not.

There also seem to be some bugs when posting…which would prevent posting. These have crept in , and it would seem nobody is there to fix.


Is there somewhere Discord forum for C4D which worth it?


If we had an ignore feature, it could help fix what mods could not. But unfortunately that feature is not here.

So this forum is officially troll territory.

Got a 403 error on this post a million times. Why invest in buying this site only to let it rot?


I left because of the aforementioned toxicity, and then switched to Blender. I just nipped back here to see if anyone has jumped on Insydium’s Nexus (GPU-accelerated X-Particles), which for me is pretty broken.


I stayed because after a few individuals left the toxicity levels fell away to zero. Over the past year @Vid2k2 and I have fielded the lion’s share of queries and questions in this group. Check the posting histories. I don’t see any others adding more value to this forum.

This forum is a support forum, people ask questions and they get answers, some even say thank you many do not. Forums are no longer the venues for chit chat as other venues have filled that void. I have many times recommended core4d to people wanting more support but if you want this forum to ‘liven’ why don’t you get involved and answer peoples’ queries?

Anyway, I have an early Xmas present for you I have been headhunted and I’m now CTO/Creative Director for a startup company making highly immersive AV content which is taking all of my time and I have no rendering downtime to fill anymore so I won’t active here going forward.

It’ll be interesting to see if any of you will step up and help your fellow users or you just want to drop in and be entertained and leave again.


The silence is deafening…

Anyhow, I wish all forum users a bountiful holiday season and a prosperous New Year (if at all possible).

C4D development appears to be turning a corner under the new management with good looking new features recently added which will attract more new users not least because users won’t have to invest in additional expensive plugins to get started, this means a forum like this will see more traffic and continue to be necessary. From the types of questions being asked over the last year it’s fairly obvious many new users are picking up C4D so if your are serious about the longevity of this forum then don’t sit on your hands and get involved.



Cheers to @Infograph and the rest that still wander through this desolate wasteland.
Echoing @Infograph’s holiday wishes to one and all.


They have done it within idea to expand beyond C4D software… In my guess.
The speed up is noticeable but there are exclusion of questions and actions and also mapping features, but I think this will covers the future.

It is pitty that they do not have updated also X-particles to be accelerated by GPU, my guess is that they do not plan for this.


Hi and thank you for your rows,

I would like to kindly ask you if you can be more specific and if you can please share with us some hyperlinks for each place :slight_smile: It will be much appreciated.


Yes, the problem with posting on this forum started recent year for me, It usually appear to shows me the 403 error mesage, then I have to redo this task more times and finally i can put a new post here :frowning:

Also this forum needs to have some administrators / moderators to delete some spam posted arround here and keep the forum in shape.


Everyone else is too polite to say it, but we all know:

Infograph is the troll who has poisoned this once active forum.

He derails almost every thread - even threads in which he contributes good information! Somehow, even when starting off helpful, he quickly derails into personal insults (sometimes going to great lengths to insult C4d plugin developers and even newbies he is supposedly trying to help) or complaining about Maxon development.

If Srek posts something helpful, you can bet Infograph is right behind to complain about Maxon and/or Maxon CEO Paul Babb, as if ruining one helpful guy’s day is going to change the course of entire company. There’s a reason that in the main C4d forum thread listing, so many threads end with his posts.

And if you notice, when he posted in this thread, he is of course the unappreciated hero in his own mind.


I used to love coming to these forums on almost a daily basis. Always something useful to learn or amazing to see. sad to see what’s become of it.


This site has been left to rot since somewhere around end 2021, just look at the front banner: “contest extended till Oct 26, 2021!” :grimacing: 2021 and © 2020.

It would fit now right in with the ‘Last of us’. :slight_smile:

I just stop by here from time to time in the faint hope someone picks this place back up, as Core4D doesn’t seem to like me, :sob: having my email address blocked I had to email around that and since a while that one got blocked too. I stepped on some mighty long toes there, way before it became Core4D appearently.

Ah well.

Keep having fun ya all. :slight_smile:


I’ve been wondering, too, where everyone is. I’m coming from Blender which has very active communities and it’s easy to get answers to questions. With C4D, it’s very difficult to find an answer when I get stuck and I have to give up and move on most of the time. I did find C4D Zone which is very friendly and helpful, and if more people would frequent it, it would the greatest forum.


A lot of people have moved to Discord these days but you have to be careful as they are not all “Official” servers. The above invite is a decent C4D server that is fairly active. Check it out…you may see some old friends.

Insydium, Redshift, Octane, GSG, World Creator, etc they all have official servers you also may want to check out if you use their software.