Where is BodyPaint in Basic C4D 9 ?


I know I am a bit out dated ,Still using Basic C4D 9 ,but It’s still a killer modeler and it’s my favorite modeler.

Think it’s BodyPaint 2 anyways I haven’t had bodypaint loaded in years .

I searched the web and youtube but there’s no info this old.

So does any one remember how to get to BodyPaint in Basic C4D 9 ? or any older version of C4D ?
or a clue ,any info ,anything.

Thanks a lot.


That version is before my time, but I’m pretty certain BodyPaint was a separate application back then.


If you have a package that includes BodyPaint you only have to switch layouts


body paint in R9 is on a separate disk/module


Thanks for the info

Layout in Basic C4D 9 is in windows/Layout or a white icon top left.

Cinema 4D Prime R19 for $995.00 US. has bodypaint in it right ?


Better check here if the features you need are included https://www.maxon.net/de/produkte/infosites/produktvergleich/BodyPaint includes sculpting, something not included in prime. Texturepainting is included n prime though.


oh I get it .
Thanks for the info.
I’ve had zBrush since 1.55b. So where good on sculpting tools. :slight_smile: