Where is an App for that?


Last year there was a GREAT iPhone App for siggraph.

Will we have an app this year?


Yeh, I was just looking for that the other day, do you know if it was released well before the event last year? If so, I’d say it’s not happening this year.

I wish they did though, it would be really handy.


If i recall it didnt come out until shortly before the conference last year…


I’ve been told by SIGGRAPH management that the iPhone App will not be available this year.

The onsite Scheduler this year generates a downloadable calendar and is a little more generic.


Yeh, just having a look at the site on my phone it is actually quite useful and easy to use.


That’s weird because the homepage of SIGGRAPH 2011 (http://www.siggraph.org/s2011/) is promoting using your mobile device to plan for the conference…

Maybe they are just meaning you can view the website easily from your phone or iPad? Confusing either way. I wish they made another app again for this year! I don’t get why they wouldn’t.


The trick is to create your own schedule while being logged into the SIGGRAPH site, then download that as an .‘ics’ into your phone’s Calendar program. They then become editable appointments.

However, if you are from a time zone that differs to Vancouver, the times will be ‘out’. Though when you get here, they will correct themselves. (I found the Keynote was starting at 2am… all is good now.)


Well lookeee here!



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