WHERE is all of the traffic, interest??


I am interested in ICE, but this site is sparse. WHY? Is there another site with dedicated, enthusiastic ICE users, etc.?



Well it all depends what you want. Free Tutorials? to ask advice? a place to discuss ideas? try out new ice plugins?

Most SI users use www.xsibase.com ,
www.si-community.com and autodesk’s “the area” - you can get new compounds and ice example scenes all over.

Letterbox studios offer free tutorials (including some great ice ones) at www.redi-vivus.com (can’t check the spelling right now).

ICE-WISE there are new hair systems (which includes very fast curled hair which falls back into position), alternative cloth sims, a free particle fluid compound set (SPH), fluid/metaball meshers, particle gas plugins, crowd simulations, deformers…tonnes of stuff.


thanks jason!


The old community.softimage.com used to be pretty rockin’ for ICE discussion (all XSI topics actually) before it was assimilated into the Area. I’ve not ventured to that place, but for the occasional download, and wouldn’t be surprised if it scared off a lot of other people too.

A good place to check out the ICE ‘scene’ is on Vimeo, where the group is actually quite regularly updated.


Some sweet stuff here now:



Here it seems:


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