Where do I put the Belly Button?


Ok, I know this sounds like a pretty silly question. But seriously, where do I put a belly button anatomically correctly speaking. I’ve looked at photographs where it appears below the top two sets of abdominal muscles and above the bottom most ones. And I’ve also seen pictures of guys where it appears to be below their “six pack”. And I’ve seen ones that look like they’re inbetween. So what’s up with this? Does the belly button not have to be in a specific place? Does it have room to vary in its placement? Or well…I don’t know, you tell me.:shrug:



I guess you mean the navel. I am not english so I could be wrong. But if you mean the navel of the human body it has to be like this (can´t explain it in english so I made it in a pic):

Where the three yellow lines meet, should proportionally be the navel. The horizontal line goes throug the end of the upper arm and the beginning of the lower arm (bad english I know :slight_smile: and the almost diagonal lines should go over the nipples to the shoulders.

Hope you meant the navel.



Thanks for the information, that will help. But I was kinda more concerned with making sure that the belly button was also placed correctly with relation to the muscles of the stomach area as well.


so where´s the problem now? I thought I showed you the right place? The navel should then be under the six-pack muscles and above the two last belly muscles.
That it has to be in the middle you should already know. :slight_smile:



Ok, you know I think you’re right. Thanks. I thought I had seen a couple images with the navel appearing well below the six pack, or appearing higher than the bottom of the six pack. But after looking at several references again I think you’re right. But it still seems like I may have seen a couple deviations, but maybe that was just my imagination.


You know, we are always talking about ideal proportions. Of course in real nature, the human body can have some differences from this perfect proportions.


Very true.


Just an idea… look in the mirror. Unless of course you are an alien and you don’t have one.
There are many body building mags out there, Perhaps you can use that .


Thanks for the helpful assistance. But I’m not sporting a six pack myself, so it’s hard to look in the mirror and see what I need. But I do have some bodybuilding mags, and I now know what I needed to know.



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