Where Combustion and toxic go?


Hello Guys:
its been a while not being active here, but anyway i noticed something, the disappearance of toxik is it stoped??? :surprised

where is combustion, i am a combustion user for 5 years now and i know many people love to use combustion on a professional level, this what am seeing regarding combustion:

  • no media plans
  • no marketing plans
  • no support from 3rd parties
  • no educational material (new stuff i mean)
    can any one tell me whats going on is there new combustion in the way?or what? :curious:

Also Autodesk could of made combustion an excellent product IF they do little 2 things:

1- have an actual 3D support for particle systems (so user can use Redgiant form or particular)
2- camera enhancement (if u dont wana do it then fine)

otherwise sell the application maybe someone else will save it
trust me Autodesk just try to fix these 2 things and things will be great, and regarding marketing plans just make it based on web contents, oh and u need to earn 3rd company trust again which it will happen when u fix the issues i mentioned.

i hope some one from Autodesk will read that :slight_smile:

Thank you


toxik is still in development…
but its called now composit and is a part of maya and 3dsmax…
its still stand alone but you cant buy it seperate anymore…


Combustion development has stagnated since the 2008 release (that was the last release), and there is no information on if/when a new release may happen. As stated by oglu, Toxik was stopped being sold as a stand alone product (with the 2010 release of Maya) and rebranded as Composite. It now ships with Maya and 3ds Max 2011, and development has continued on the product.

My guess\hope, IMHO, is they will enhance the Composite motion graphics toolset and let Combustion die. The product is old and outdated, and by not keeping it current compared to AE it really has no target market. Composite is a much better platform to develop forward and the user count is much greater (since every Maya and 3ds Max user now gets it) than Combustion.



So what i will do?
leave combustion??? :sad:
what u advice me to do?


You will have to make that decision for yourself. I am moving all my compositing and some motion graphics to Composite (I have even moved some Photoshop work to Composite). There are only a few things that I still do in Combustion, and if Composite gets the needed features I can walk away from Combustion.



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