Where can I find scientific measurements of body/face features?


Sorry, but I looked everywhere.

Does anyone know a good website that has actual real data with real measurements (inch/cm/etc) of peoples face/body features, for different types of people (gender/ethnic/age/height) etc?

I don’t know where to look or who to ask! :frowning:

I thought maybe you guys might know…


There’s a fair amount of this type of information out there, but the problem with it is that most of it (e: that I’ve seen at least, and I’ve been looking for a while) is skewed to support a really nasty notion, e.g. Marquardt Beauty Analysis (essentially, white chicks are pretty and non-whites are too, as long as they have features just like white chicks). IMO your best option is to find your own reference pics of real people that suit your purposes, whether for 2d or 3d.


Look at forensic reference books, where they have to infer the characteristics of a once-living person from a found skull or femur or pelvis.


You are asking about Anthropometry and Anthropology.


Here is a pdf with tables and standard of measurement (what you are asking for)


Here is the closest book I could find. But I have not read it so I’m not sure of it’s contents.



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