Where are the Maxon Character Animations???


HI anyone have online Links to some complete Character animations rendered from Cinema4D using Just mocca??
(not Cactus Dan’s tools)

I am particularly looking for Soft body Deformation, belly bounces and such.
Some animated hair ,cloth and lipsynch samples would be nice also. Im just looking to see what completed works there are out there using the current C/A toolset of C4D R11 as I am trying to give a recommendation to another person.



I think there’s some pretty comprehensive tuts over at Cineversity, or there are some examples on the R11/R10 dvd (i think)brasc


Hi not really looking for tutes or scene files.
Got plenty of those.

But rendered C/A based animations already posted
online to showcase to a prospective C4D buyer I know
But alas there seems to be a Dearth where C4D is concerned.


There’s the best of them i think…


Otherwise i’m sure someone here knows of a few



Mocca can do pretty much everything you mention (soft body collisions could be simulated using cloth, falloff objects or even mograph displacement deformer), but I think you’ll find that the majority of people doing CA in Cinema will use Cactus Dan’s plugins, simply because they add another level of functionality in some areas and an improved workflow.

I don’t think this is unique to Cinema though, many Maya animators use 3rd party plugins like Stretchmesh and tools for auto rigging etc. The bottom line is that CA is demanding and if there are tools available to make it easier people will use them.

My 2c.




Go to Books, Then 3D Animation and have a Gander. Wipix Guys do great work. [/b]

I don’t like to plug my own stuff, but http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=U-hQgq-gbKE.

That was my finished assignment for one of my Animation Mentor assignments. Not the greatest, and I will never claim to be an excellent Lighter, texturer, or Renderer, but I just threw in a sky, some GI and it looked good enough for me.

I always dig the Wipix guys stuff, and they go back and forth between using Mocca and using CD tools.


We did the CA in the latest M&Ms commercial with the mocca 3 tools:




http://www.jimclarkdirect.com/Movies/Viral/HP/ it was also used in the film “Dog Gone” for the squirrels.


thx for the kind words :slight_smile:
I’m happy to see other Mms stuff done with c4d ! :love:

I don’t have too much to show myself ( and not rendered as I only do rigging and animations now ) . here for example some recent editor stuffs : MMs and a personnal animation for a challenge

http://kiteclem35.free.fr/3D/C4D/Clappy/ClapJetPack-editor.avi 4.6 mo
http://kiteclem35.free.fr/3D/C4D/MMs/MMS-TVad.avi 2.7 mo Xvid
http://kiteclem35.free.fr/3D/C4D/MMs/MMS-web.avi 1.6 mo Xvid

(sorry my webhost has low bandwidth limits )



That flea market spot is fantastic.


Hi thanks for the links I guess I probably should have mentioned that this guy is NOT interested on doing any “cute” creatures/animals etc
he is a “recovering” poser user:scream:
who want to move up to a professional suite with emphasis on C/A to do stylized human short stories (mostly female Characters)
He claims he’s got about $3000 to invest so
I’ll Direct him to the new Autodesk line

thanks all



Well, if he’s going for SoftImage or Maya, then I recommend you also direct him to the other three team members he will need to achieve his goals. I can’t speak for Max, but I worked with the other two and working with those alone didn’t really get me anywhere fast. Since I use C4D I am flying through projects by comparison. He will be a recovering Mental Ray user soon.
Best of luck!

PS: Check out
With that your friend can re-use his Poser cr… sorry… aehhhh… contents.


The style is surely irrelevant, that is just a matter of modelling to taste. Can you not see from these examples how flexible and capable the animation module is? Was that not the point of your question?


^ Yeah, probably better off, when you buy the Mocca module they make you sign a contract saying you’ll only use it for cute cartoon characters :rolleyes:

Please don’t tell them I rigged this - MuscleRigTestWalkcycle

I don’t want them to revoke my license :smiley:



hope this will help you, it’s not professional but it can help
the open file
the file is bizarre, so just check it for some correction :thumbsup:



This is the exact same reason I switched from Maya to C4d. I don’t have the time be a TD, and I don’t have the money to hire one (or three). In C4d, I don’t need to worry about that.


Ehh… its his money he is a big Steven Stahlberg ( Surprise!!)
fan so I dont want to discourage him
by showing him alot of non human examples( excellent though they may be)
so MAX, softimage whatever just anything to wean him off poser for the types of C/A he want to do.




I guarantee you the realistic squirrels and many of the wipix rigs are far more advanced rigs than what he’d see in poser.


QFA No Doubt!!
Im trying to get him as far away from poser as possible
its like to reform a crack addict:scream:

But there could not be a better time for him to be looking at Autodesk. for a pro level C/A Solution with the new price structure and all.



Well this thread seems a bit pointless really as it seems you had your mind made up from the outset. It also seems that you’re trying to suggest that Cinema is not a ‘pro level solution’ which is simply not true.