Where are the images?


I was examining a sample scene that use a bunch of simple flat planes
with cloud image maps mapped onto them and wanted to examine these.
So, when I go to try and find the cloud image, I descover that I can’t
find the image anywhere! What’s the scoop? If they are using the image
in the scene, as I can see it right there, then where is it hidden?
So, after checking things out, I decide to see if I can find this image.
I read in the texturing area that it shows the image map as coming from
C:\Vue scenes\clouds\7.jpg
too bad there is no such folder on my system and I did a search just to try
and find this image to boot, and I finally found it, but here is what it really was called:
What the flip is all that!?
Is it trying to find the cloud image from the internet or something?
And if so, why isn’t the images that are being used in these sample scenes, on
my own system and not on the net somewhere where I can’t get to it or find it?

Never heard of this before and i don’t get it?
In fact, I’ve found that most of the images I see used in these scenes are not
anywhere to be found and now I have this feeling that they also are hidden
away on the net somewhere too, or where ever they are hidden away at?

And when I double click on an image in a texture window, it takes me to the same
placewhere I see some basic samples but not the one they’re using and even when
I see the one they’re using, it doesn’t want to automatically select THAT image and
then you have to try and find or figure out which image they were using, so I end up
most of the time just hitting the X (cancel) on the window so that I don’t ruin
whatever texture I’m working on.
And yes, I’m probably calling these things the wrong things, like a texture,
but that’s just to save time explainning which individual item,
like the Alphas or whatever.
Materials, I think is what I’m trying to say here.

And the sample scene I’m looking at, is the one called, Bali.

I hope you all understand what it is I’m asking about?
And yes, I did the install of the Extras Cd, so I would of thought I’d have everything
I need on my own system for deal with the sample scenes, but maybe not?

Thanx…md :slight_smile:


In Infinite you have the option to save scenes with the textures integrated. So all the bitmaps are in the file and nowhere else.

A good method to bring scenes from one cimputer to another without missing anything, a good method as well to make it unable that others use those bitmaps too easily.

You can try to apply that material to an object, export that and see wether your bitmap appears then. Or simply use the material only.


Ohhh, no wonder!

Kinda seems a bit odd though, considering these are “samples” in the software that you
just forked out 600 bucks for, that they’d make so these images are not readily available?
Especially, considering that the one I’m refering to is nothing more then a simple fractal,
home made type cloud, that isn’t like someone’s killer artwork or anything.
But my point being, these are “samples”, things for you to learn from and be able to use,
and not have to do a major search for like I just did to track down a simple image map.
Which, now that I know where they are hiding them, I can go in and manually save
them out to another folder, but that sure seems like a lot of extra work just to examine
some image maps, which I finally found out are “temporarily” stored here:
C:\Program Files\e-on software\Vue 5 Infinite\Application\Temp

So if you don’t hurry and save them out before you shut down, then
you’d have to start all over again and do the image saves, as they of
course are in a Temp folder and go away once you reboot or anything.
And I see that the cloud image in question doesn’t save out as it’s original,
unless you force it to, as it only saves out as the shape of the object it was
attatched to, meaning that they get squished or stretched or whatever
you do with the plane object they are mapped to.

But, on the flip side, this is a great way to keep everything in a file when
you need to export it somewhere, so for that I’m glad about :slight_smile:
I haven’t read any of this info yet in the manual, so maybe I just haven’t
getton that far into it yet to find this sort of info out yet, I don’t know?
As I’ve mostly been reading in the method of, when I get to a point where
I need to figure something out or want to do something, then I look it up in
the manual and read up on that particular subject, which is how I generally
work with new programs, since this method allows you to get to “play” a lot
sooner then waiting till you’ve read a whole manual and
then try to remember all that info.
That won’t happen LOL :slight_smile:

Anyway, thanx for this tip about this aspect and now I understand a heck
of a lot more of what the scoop is, even if I’m not exactly thrilled about it.

And yes, I do realize that I could just use the materials as they are and like that,
but I wanted to be able to change the image maps, is why this all matters to me.

So, thanx!
…md :slight_smile:


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