Where are all the animators?


mo_pic: Sounds interesting. But how do you plan to bridge the software gap and keep a consistant look?

neolee40: What do you mean that your work isn’t good enough to go on a site like this? Your animation is fine. You did a fine job of demonstrating your skills and it’s obvious that more time, blood, sweat and tears went into it as the head models, car models, and creature models on this site. You have absolutely nothing to be ashamed of and certainly shouldn’t feel that it doesn’t add up.


hey neolee40,
your animtation was cool.
It was a little bit flicky, but that gave it aweird stop motion-ey style. You should definately put it as a thread though…


Hey Rouge and Sfinkinator

Thanks for the pat on the back!! This is my working progress character! CHECK OUT THE LINK My strong point isn’t modeling. And i’m want to be an animator!! So i thought a character with pivot points would make my life easier!! when animating Tell us which one you thinkis better???/ Hopfully once mycomputer has rendered i will have some animation for you guys to see!!!


p.s Do you think there should a section of CG TALK just for animation’s??? casue when you post you animation up people don’t really get a cjance to see it casue so much stuff goes up and the animation you just posted just goes furter down the list???

Thanks guy’s



Good point there Rogue. Didn’t think about the different software. I must say I have no idea how we could fix it, but I’ll think fo something.

ed209 - I’m not sure if it’s a good idea to reveal my little secret to everybody. It’s like telling somebody how the movie ends. But if you are interested I can send you the story. Till then I’ll keep it a secret.

P.S. Hey … just changed my avatar. Do ya like the pig?:slight_smile: :slight_smile: :slight_smile:

maybe I’ll change my nick from mo_pic to mo_pig :wink:


mo_pic: I don’t remember what your other avatar was. The pig is cool. Let us know if you can determine a way for multiple people to work on your short.

neolee40: That’s exactly the type of character one should have to learn to animate with. Simple and effective…with an interesting look. He looks like a blast to animate (refering to your pivot point guy). Let’s see that animation!!! Let’s see the animation!!!



I posted what the final render will look like!

50% done!!! 50% to go!!


Hey man, have you got any thing i can look at??? What do you think to Cg talk having a animation section just for short animation’s??? So it don’t get filtered with all the Cg still and stuff???


You’ve got some great poses going on with that character. I’m looking forward to see the animation. I’ve just within the past few months starting putting a lot of focus on extreme poses and hand gesturing. Yeah, yeah, I’m slow.

I don’t have anything that is available for download that I’ve rencently done. There was a thread in here that was an animation competition with a box and sphere. I had a friend loan me some webspace, but I don’t remember the links to the animations I did. I’ll see if I can dig it up.

The only thing I have available is a spot done for work called Dangerous Foods. It was done a little over a year ago. With the exception of modeling and texturing the characters, I did it in three weeks. In the middle of which my father passed away (it was sort of expected though). It was a grueling 3 weeks, but I still enjoyed working on the spot. There’s tons I’d like to change, but the project is long since over. I’ve grown alot as an animator since then and have done other animations, but they’re not available on the internet. I’ve got to get onto the bosses about updating our animations.

Anyways, it’s 11 megs. Remember, it’s not the greatest animation, but it’s still fun. I wished I could do it again with the things I know now. :thumbsdow


I’d love to see an animation gallery, but there are so few posts, it isn’t justified. They do have the new naming conventions for threads posted in the gallery in which you can easily determine it’s content, which was a great idea. So it’s pretty easy to find the animations.


Sorry to hear about that rouge:rolleyes:

I have seen the animation a very nice? Didi you do that all your self?? Where do you work???



dear Bentllama i recommend that you start & manage some
mini contest/challenge in this forum, which the focus will be on the
motion/timing/movements/tricks/…, not modeling/rendering/lighting & …
something like this cgtalk’s monthly challenge
we did something like that a few months ago & it worked, not bad
(remember Box & Ball?!)


Hey guy’s there an animation waiting for ya!!And IT’s 1meg
. GEt IT.



neolee40: I just posted a reply to your thread in the gallery. Great work man. How long have you been animating and how long did it take you to do that animation? Not modeling or setup, just animating the spot?

Yeah, I did the whole project except for modeling the characters and props, and texturing them. That was done before hand. We got the approval and the audio for the spot three weeks before the deadline. I setup the characters (thank God they were simplistic) and animated it. Actually, a work mate did the animation of the close up of the popcorn. He isn’t an animator but wanted to learn so he stayed with me until 2:00 in the morning on a Friday night while I sort of gave him a crash coarse in keyframing and Lightwave. He did good, and I tweaked the curves a little bit for him and helped him through some technical issues, but he pretty much did that section.

Anyways, it was a crunch all the way to the deadline. If you’ll notice, the fingers on the characters very seldom move and remain pretty stiff. I simply didn’t have the time. :slight_smile:

Man, I’ve got to get some web space!

ila_solomon: The Box and Sphere contest did work well and was a lot of fun. I agree that there should be some kind of challenge but so few people seem interested. Maybe if enough people give interest, and we come up with some rules and time frames, Bentllama will implement your request.


WOW i can’t believe you did all that in 3 weeks??? where did you say you worked???

Thank You Rouge well animating took me about 1.5 solid!! I blocked it through!!! the animated it . Then cleaned it up!! I have theblock through if you want to see it. But now looking back on it i would change alot of things like putting more weight in the jump and smoothing out the right arm on one of the sentances!!!

Web space:- get some from www.easyspace.com it’s dirt cheap and you get a domain name as well it cost me £35 for a domain and 30megs of space i think??? Hey man thanks for your feed back!!!


Oh, sorry, I work at a company called Magnetic Dreams. You can go to magneticdreams.com and get an idea, but there isn’t many of our latest animations posted on there. The head cheeses have been focusing on a sales presentation for the sales guy, and not so much on the website. But I’ll drop some hints.

Yeah, 3 weeks. As I said though, the characters were easy to setup up, wasn’t very polygon heavy, and I didn’t get to go in and animate little things like the hands and fingers unless it was neccesary. There also wasn’t any lypsync or any complicated animation. Oddly, I don’t think I would be able to do it today because I’m much more picky. Plus, I know Lightwave’s interface like the back of my hand…helps alot.

Sure, post the block through. It’d like to see that.

Thanks for the tip on the webspace. I’ve already checked around and my server offers a decent deal. I just haven’t chunked the cash into it yet.


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