Where are all the animators?


I must say I’m becoming very dissapointed by the lack of animated content being posted in this forum. Why can’t it be more like the Gallery forum or the WIP forum. I’m constantly seeing some really kick ass work being posted their. Damn it…we need more animators around to make this world a happier place.


Animation can be a very difficult thing to post. There are many issues that are halting people from posting links to their aniamtion.

The biggest reason might be…

Bandwidth: this is a forum with over 10,000 users…sure, not all users will download your animation…but a shortanimation can have your site’s allotted bandwidth depleted in a very short time…and from what I have seen most of the users here are on some sort of free hosting service…


It is not only about bandwidth, I think. It is true that there’s more people who spend their time with modeling, texturing, lighting, than people who spend their time with animation, I’m not sure why.

Just let me find max5 and this world will be a better place soon… :smiley:


i´m here;)
animation take time…i´m working on a animation and i´ll be post it soon…but time is problem…


I agree with Frinsklen. I also don’t know why either. I guess it is just different passions and disciplines. There are occasional animation posts in the gallery, but it’s a small percentage compared to modeling, texturing and lighting excercises.

If you’ve got 'em, post 'em. I’d gladly check them out. :slight_smile:


Hey guys, I am normally hanging out in the 2D forum, and I was wondering if anyone ever sees any 2D animation here? I ahve ben working on more clearly defining my 2D animation work and was wondering also if you knew of anyboards that focus primarily on 2D animated shorts…not underwear…short films :eek:

Thansk ahead of time!



An instructor of mine once said that it’s a lot harder to be bad at animating than other CG areas.

That is, a mediocre model or so-so texture job doesn’t irritate our aesthetic sensibilities as much as poor animation jobs. There’s good animation, or there’s bad animation; there’s very little gray area.

So, either people just decide “forget this!” and persue other topics, or people who are learning are hesitant to show obviously poor work. Who knows.


and let’s not forget animation comes (generally) after modeling, texturing, lighting. You’ll find more modeling-pieces being showcased simply because it is the first step of 3d. Naturally you find less showing animations because, well hey, you get the picture :slight_smile:

Plus animation is a tricky thing. Extremly difficult for many to even start on animation. There’s a passage in “The Illusion of Life” that mentions how Disney wanted to expand at some point back after their first few movies. Said they wanted a staff of… what was it… 500 animators or something to that effect. But they had to give up, there simply weren’t that amount of quality animators to be found :slight_smile:

But hey, I want more animations showed on these forums just as much as the next guy.


All good points. Unfortunatly yes there are allot of factors that keep this forum dry from animatastic content. I do agree with the “Illusion of Life” … good animators are few and far between. Maybe that’s the reason there is no great work being posted here, they’re all too busy working. At least I have “Bert” to keep me happy for a bit.


It also may have to do with ignoring peoples questions and not helping anybody out, that could also be a reason people have stopped posting here just like I am going to do now KNOWING the guys in the animation section are too busy with thier “discussion” to help anyone.

Thanks for nothing


Well you could always post an animation that you wan’t some feedback on…:applause:


Why so jaded Wacom Knight?

What do you need “help” with?

By the way Wacom Knight, I happen to be a 2D trained animator, and the board with the most 2D animation people on it has to be the one at www.animationnation.com… but do not be a d!ck on that board…there are some 2D animation greats/pros that frequent those boards…

PS: your welcome

Originally posted by Wacom_Knight
[B]It also may have to do with ignoring peoples questions and not helping anybody out, that could also be a reason people have stopped posting here just like I am going to do now KNOWING the guys in the animation section are too busy with thier “discussion” to help anyone.

Thanks for nothing
:thumbsdow [/B]


Wacom whining never gets you anywhere. I think the reason ppl didn’t answer you original Q is because this thread is about a different topic. Why not start your own thread if you want talk about something completey different. And how about showing some class while you’re at it.

on with the thread…

First thing I do when I come to CGtalk is look for animation tests to crit. I even crit the bad animation cuz I think once you start realizing the whole weight and timing thing, you start to “get it” and some new animators just aren’t there yet. But with crit.s I think they start to figure it out. I hope so anyway. If I had a library of rigged characters I’d probably do lots of tests at home and post them here. But I hate modeling so work is the only place that sees my animation tests. Sorry. Maybe one day I’ll get my ass in gear and build something.


Hi there

I finished my charater test for my short film Troll Bridge! Ihope you like it. It was done in mesiiah and rendered in lightwave 7.5 thanks!! Let us know what you think?

Quicktime 5 - Sorenson3
Download! - 3.7 meg


if you have problems viewing it conatact me and i will post some different version




really good motions :thumbsup:
but a little bit too fast…looks like a stop motion animation…


I haven’t checked out animation file yet, its actually just under 6 megs. It’s good that you posted it and, but I think you should compress it a bit more perhaps with DIVX or somthing…

I think thats a bit of a downfall with the animation section actually…
I’m heaps more likely to check out the WIP section because it’s a bit easier on the download sizes but I think people could compress things to an appropriate size here.

Also neolee40, you should start a new thread from with your tests… It would probably get a good response, and ed209 would be happy…


If people are looking for clips of fellow animators work, tips, tutorials, feedback and more I recomend


The focus on that thread is primarily character animation. Seems like allot of talented animators are posting there work on that site. Highly recomended visit if you havn’t aleady had a chance to check it out. You may just learn something.


One thing that crossed my mind is that we could make a short together. Take a group of “volunteers” and create something worth seeing.

P.S. I even have a 1st price-all categories-Oscar-winning story that would be just fine for that much professionals doing one project. Tell me if you would be interested in a crazy idea like that.


TO Sfininator

I have posted a new Version which is high res but only 3 megs. I hope this makes it easier for you to View! I don’t think my test animation are good enough to go on a site like this!!!




just CLICK on the big image when you get to the site!!!


Great idea mo_pic…love to hear your idea.