When you extrude faces on a nurbs poly loft made using face count, history of extrude fails when moving build curve cvs


more history errors:

i made a seperate thread as different problem

nurbs loft, output poly surface count 200 quad,
build curves freeze transform set local
extrude faces.

try history, move curve object fail, move cvs ok,
but extrude poly history failed.

please see:https://www.flickr.com/photos/93465359@N03/45487357745
thanks c


these are not errors,

it’s logical, the topology is changing as you move your curve. So if you have an extrude on lets say 5,6,7,8 faces ID that are aligned in a row, when the topology change you will get a random extrusion.

You can change the nurbsTessellate the format to general to have fixed number on U and V, that way the topology will not change but it will get stretched.


onouris the expert indeed,

use tessellate uv on nurbs loft not count
attached a pic for other users::