When will there be new challenges?



Any new challenges in the near future?



Any new challenges in the near future?

All signs point to yes.


the question is … when ??..



i was wandering too.
(and checking out the site every few hours for a couple of weeks now)
so please tell us when

or is it some clever way of keeping us needy and then when we cant handle the void anymore you “rescue” us and give us one, just like drugs?

paranoid me.


Heya guys,

As lildragon stated they taking break until the 1st Jan 2003 due to hollidays. Check out this thread http://www.cgtalk.com/showthread.php?s=&threadid=31472

I hope I can join and finish next time, there will be much much fun :bounce:




oh thanks raden for the link :thumbsup:

a few more days left then :slight_smile:


The problem, is that many users can only entire during the holidays when they have time off work. I think this is going to hurt the contest more than it does good. Was hoping for the best turn around ever.


cough cough It’s January now = )…wink wink

nudge nudge

happy new year all!!

Bring forth the Challange!!..please


Why you so eager? Plan to enter or force others to render just for your own viewing pleasure? :stuck_out_tongue:


Comon pal…FUGU ME!!! D´OH!!! 1st of Jannuary over here… my wacom needs sex and I think its a bit nervous:beer:


Tommy Lee


Come on guys its now 34 hours 27 minutes into the new year, and no new challenge.



hmmm…about 35 hours into to 2003 now…give or take a minute…

taps foot

you dont want me to have to call Tony and the boys :wink: hehe

(see Avatar for joke)


in japan it’s already jan 3 …


We are currently deciding the topics for new one :wink:


But you will have to wait and see :wink:


i think an awsome contest would be …what would you do with 500 million dollars:)… just for fun:)


ahhhh…if their all so cool…just number them and draw from a hat…theres always Feb March April etc for the ones that are not drawn… = )…pwease…


yay soon :smiley:


Heeee heeee waiting 4 the first challenge of 2003!!!



Hey it’s already February in Sydney, where’s the challenge then :wink: