When will the "Paint Displacement" feature return?


It’s been a few releases now since the “Paint Displacement” feature was “temporarily” removed from Silo. It’s an important feature for me and a big reason why I purchased Silo (and upgrades) in the first place. No, I don’t like having to run a now very old Silo version just to use that feature. And please: don’t point me at any version of ZBrush - not a fan.

If one looks over Nevercenter’s Silo site & wiki, they will see references to the “Paint Displacement” feature - a feature that no longer exists. That’s great for older versions, but newer versions don’t have the feature at all. Not right.

Anyway, anyone know if the “Paint Displacement” feature is ever coming back - or if it’s never coming back?


I hope they bring it back, too. Shouldn’t it even work better because of the new pixar subdiv kernel?