When to use Zbrush vs Maya


I have been using Maya for years and am trying to now pick up Zbrush and I have a few minor questions.

I understand what Zbrush can do vs Maya in terms of detail and such but I guess I am a little confused on when to use Zbrush vs Maya for certain things. Here is an example:

I saw a tutorial where the guy created terrain in Zbrush. All the rocks and gravel where attached in one mesh. If I were to create this in Maya, they rocks and gavel would be separate (maybe as particles to create the random effect).

Now this is where I am not sure what it better. Is it better to create a terrain that is all one mesh or in separate pieces? If I bring the terrain from Zbrush into Maya would I still get the shading effects I would if they were separate pieces or would it look unnatural?

I hope you can give me some insight.


A lot of people go back and forth between the two. Most of the lads in college doing say character sculpts in ZBrush pop over to Maya to do the clothing, then bring it back into ZBrush. I’m not sure about terrain stuff as I haven’t seen that done yet.


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