When The Devil Condescend To Come (nudity), Laser Studio-forestsky (3D)


Title: When The Devil Condescend To Come (nudity)
Name: Laser Studio-forestsky
Country: China
Software: 3ds max

A picture of the 3 animation inside.The old work of the hippocras style, time that storm come, whole fortress ash is dark and unbearable, devil too along with come…


Can’t really tell whats going on. Needs more contrast between fore and background. And also, some nudity.


i think u need to be more choosy with your materials.
the shadow also seems to be… forceful.
what does the image look like without the rain falling? post one…?

keep going man, the ideas are there and the execution isnt lost.

ill be back


I think this guy is addicted to “nudity”:applause:

back to the topic.this could be an interesting animation according to the image,although I cant tell wots going on by just looking at it…can you post the animation?

good work anyway.


:slight_smile: Hehe I also think, but this animation hasn’t done over, time is too tight


Make out the comparison simple his face


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