When painitng an environment how do you start?


I know everyone has a different style and now that I have a wacom I would like to try as many as possible, including my own. Anyone care to share how they go about starting when painting an environment?


First lots of sketches of course.
Then I’d try to break it down into layers (in PS), like say if you’re painting a huge hall with a row of pillars and some shafts of light behind and in front of them, I’d start at the far back and do the windows and far wall on the bottom layer. Or whatever is outside the windows, if it’s visible enough. Then the order of separate layers would be:

  1. Outside
  2. windows and wall
  3. shafts of light coming through windows
  4. row of pillars
  5. shafts of light coming through pillars
  6. whatever is in front of the pillars
    Any lights, like a row of torches on the wall, could also be put on a separate layer for convenient editing later.
    On each layer I’d work by blocking in the main colors first, then perhaps locking the transparency (depends), then refining and sculpting the main colors etc.


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