When did YOU start making art`??


Well im always thinking of when did these reat artist start with art. And since there are many fantastic artist here why not ask.

I started 2 years ago though the first year was just a bit of Photoshoping. This last year im trying to learn tons at the same time (wich is almost imposible with all my schoolwork and the partys). Im leaning twords 3d art but since its almost imposible to make real good stuff in 3d without a sketch, im also trying to learn how to draw stuff.(Andrew loomis is great!! reading the first book atm, though i aint very good)

15 year old Almir from Norway


I remember coloring and sketching when I was 3…started painting when I was about 6/7, I found a book in the library about watercolor painting and went from there.:slight_smile:


Uhhh, lesse…
Well, I’ve been drawin’ since I was like 3 or 4 or so, but I wouldn’t really call it ‘art’ at that stage o’ the game…
I started making stop-motion animated movies when I was 7, still make ‘em now and again… Eventually I progressed to digital stuff and 3D…
Now I’m learning Maya and life is tastin’ good…
I am a drawing maniac, and it is what I do constantly, and I’m finally able to say I’m proud of what comes out of my pencil…



no idea. maybe sometime after i type a minimum of 11 characters.


As many of you other ppl i began to draw when i was 2-3 of age. then when i was 6 i began to mimic stuff( very badly may i mention). when i was about 10 then i almost stop with any drawing. age 12 got a pc i could use( had a weird pc that coldnt do anything b4). thats basicly all from me.


I’ve always drawn since my toddler years. When I was twelve my grandmother signed me up for some oil painting classes during the summer (she taught ceramics at Stanislaus State in California during the 1950’s and 60’s). I was pretty angry at first - I wanted to loaf around and swim. After the first class I was hooked.


When I could first hold a pencil. (My mother has told me that I engaged in some creative endevours all over the walls by my crib, but I won’t go into that…)



i too started drawing madly since i found out what a pencil and paper were and what you eat them with… i mean, what you do with them :slight_smile:

as for making Art, with a capital letter, dunno if i’ve reached that pedestal quite yet. Still learning. Someday… :slight_smile:


My first reliable memory of drawing was around 3~4 years old, and people told me that I was good at it then. I knew it too because I looked at what the other kids did, and they were just unrecognizable blobs of shapes, while mine was a perfectly recognizable Mazinger Z robot (an old anime TV show during that time).

I didn’t get “serious” about art until around age 13. But once I decided to get serious, I became obsessed. But it wasn’t really drawing/painting that I loved–it was being a creator–to tell stories and create worlds. Visuals were only one aspect of it.


This is a reproduction of my very first “attention getter”. It was a kindergarten assignment.



never, actually still trying to find out what it is all about. Some would actually call pushing a few vertices around and slamming pixels on it art and they even pay me for it but I don’t think I have even started with “art” yet.

I´m working on it


I’ve always liked doodling and drawing for as long as I can remember… age 3 or 4 like others said. I never got serious about art until about age 16. That was all traditional stuff at that point; charcoal, pastels, acrylics, etc. I’m 20 now, and just in the past year or so have been getting into digital art of my own.

heh, Lunatique- I have a cousin who was obsessed with that show… I believe it was called Tranzor Z over here. (sorry for going off topic)


well i as far as i rember when i used to 5 around in school i startedto draw after that i lost touch with my art now i am 21 suddenly i gained back a lot of lost intrest i started sketching painting now i cant live without drawing this started a year back when i was working and started sketching in order to pass time now i am deep into it as far creating art is concerned it is never ending process everday u learn something new and i think it will take me years to creat magnificent. i think this is the best thing which has happened to me since years


For as long as I can remember. I remember my mother painting when I was a child, that made me want to paint too, right away! The first recognizable stuff must have been around 3-4, at the time when I began to read. I remember making flipbook animations at about 7! :arteest:


Same thing for me.

I was drawing a lot whan i was 5-10 but my worst problem was the lack of patience. Since i am 20 (i am 21 now), I draw and draw and draw. I love it. I know that i need a lot of practice but like i said, i love it.



Flipbook animations were my favirit when i was little. I was soooo proud when i made a stickman fall for no reason.:bounce:


Hahaha!!! :curious:…what if I say tomorrow…:surprisedwhat if I’m right about that in the end…blast!!!


Started drawing … when everyone else does, preschool. I drew cats and dogs and houses and such when people drew blobs @ 3-4 y/o. Didnt consider it anything special then. THen at about 7 I started writing stories (short 3-5 page realistic fiction) and I would draw the characters.

THen…didnt really draw more than anything but tv characters in the 7th grade, stopped then, and found an inspiring mentor in my sophmore year of high school. We had an assignment to ‘create our own fantasy world’ and from then on I was hooked.

Most of my artistic experience before high school was short lived though, I didnt realize I LOVED art/world creating until i was in my senior year of high school, and THATS what I wanted to do.


ditto :scream:



when i started watching sailor moon (:
i dont like anime much anymore though.