Whats your favorite Movie Sequence?


I dont know if this is my most favorite but I know its in my top ten.

Raiders of the Lost Ark. The whole truck scene at the end and especially when Indy climbs underneath the truck and then climbs back up and throws the nazi right out the window! Classic!


1st place…the death star battle at the end of rotj…would have been even better if it wasent for the ewoks.

2ed place…the space battle in the nebula in Wrath of Khan

im a sucka for battles in space :slight_smile:


Behind Enemy Lines - missle chase sequence :slight_smile: The visuals and the sound effects are awesome. Whenever I watch that movie I always watch that part over and over, its so great, bwaaahh!!

-Tom N.

  1. Medusa vrs Perseus in Clash Of The Titans.

  2. Vorithimax Pejeritive vrs “Mr Boxing-gloves from Alley McBeal” in Dragon Slayer.

  3. Battle of Hoth from Empire Strikes Back.

  4. The rebel fleet ending sequence from Empire Strikes Back.

  5. Cyborg Cain sequences from Robocop 2.

  6. Kali’s dance and sword fight from Golden voyage of Sinbad.

…I could go on all day. For those of you in the US and multi-region DVD players - get Dragon Slayer. The animation for the Dragon is ****ing gob-smacking. :cool:


My favorite sequence isn’t for a movie its for the HBO tv series Deadwood. If you watched the series you know what I’m talking about. The sequence I’m referring to is the opening intro before the episode begins…its just awesome.

HBO has always had very high production quality, but they really outdid themselves with the intro for Deadwood, and the whole series in general.

  • Battle in the snow from “Sprigaan”
  • Mind battle at the chess house from “Hero”
  • The last half hour of “The Young Master”
  • Question tennis in “Rosencrantz and Guildenstern Are Dead”

  • all the sentinals / machines above zion before the attack
  • the attack on Zion (that scene is magic to my eyes)
  • highway chase scene w/ motorbikes in akira
  • the ending sequence in “Evangaleon - Death and Rebirth” (Yes Auska finally wakes up!)


A few off the top of my head…

Spiders Sequence - Minority Report
House of Blue Leaves - Kill Bill
Mr. Blonde and the Captured Officer - Reservoir Dogs
Ending Sequence - Brazil
Ending Sequence - 25’th Hour
D-Day Invasion - Saving Private Ryan


I also love the kill bill fight sequence.
Here are some more:
-the ending sequence of Die Hard.
-the subway fight scene in The Matrix.
-the huge twist at the end of Memento.


Roy Hobbs home run sequence “The Natural”

…yeah, I teared up.

Yes, and I agree with the Wrath of Khan sequence. love it!



1] Battle of Hoth
2] Return of the King
3] The Family Guy - Chicken gives Peter a bad coupon


-1- Chasing scene in Matrix reloaded
-2- The war in StarWar I phantom menace
-3- Godfather I all Marlon Brando scenes
-4- Forrest Gump when he was talking to jenny grave at the end of the movie :shrug:


Guys, you forgot the bestest!
The Dock fighting scene at the end of Matrix Revolutions, also the Burly Brawl in Reloaded, ow ow and the Freeway Chase Scene, oh and the…

…Pretty much the enrite Matrix Trilogy.


i have a lot but one of them is the end of fight club, “you met me at a very strange time in my life”

raiders of the lost ark scene is great when they wheel the ark away.

The sceen when han gets frozen and leia confesses her love “i know”… great part.

Christopher Walken and Dennis Hopper’s exchange in true romance.


*Reqium for a dream : many parts in that movie, but the part where the granny’s lounge turns into the a television set springs to mind. And the whole end sequence.

*Pretty much any shot/sequence from Waking Life

*Fight club, the whole movie, but I especialy like the bit where Lu from ‘Lu’s tavern’ beats up Tylor. ( Does anyone else have the urge to be beaten up after seeing that movie, or is that just me ? :shrug: )

*Nightmare on elm street 1: when the murdered girl walks past the classroom in the transparent body bag, gave me the chills, when I was a kid at least, not sure if it would have the same impact now, but back then it creeped me out.

*Evil Dead: I do not remember exactly where this takes place, but that shot where the camera goes over Bruce’s head and turns upside down while still focusing on him… Very interesting shot, still havenet seen it done anywhere else.

*Groundhog day: When he is able to point out to that other woman when talking in the coffee shot exacly what will happen and when. Not amazing visually or anything, but I like *it :slight_smile:

*edit: oh, and pretty much every line from Zim in Invader Zim


Return of the King: The scene were Farimir and his army are hurrying back to Minith Tirith and they are attacked by the Witch King and Gandalf rides in to help.

Also when King Theodens army Charges towards to the Orcs. Awesome scene. Actually the whole fight on Pelenor Fields is awesome. I might just go and watch it now.

Rocky IV :slight_smile:
The training montage. hehehe


How did I forget!?

The fight in “They Live”

   oh yeah.



ALIENS: The scene when Ripley & crew descend onto the mining colony planet. They drive out from the dropship in the APC and the dropship flies up and away. Nothing spectacular but I love the camera angle and the way the sequence was done. Cool miniatures!

Raising Arizona: The events leading up to the Huggies scene. Classic!

Minority Report: Weren’t those little spider droids awesome!

The Seventh Voyage of Sinbad: Those fighting skeletons still put me in awe!


Here’s a few of mine:

Lion King – “Circle of Life” intro
Shrek II – “Holding Out for a Hero” rescue scene
Princess Bride – Sword fight between Indigo Montoya (Mandy Patinkin) and the Dread Pirate Wesley (Cary Elwes)
Blade – Blood shower/Vampire rave scene at beginning
The Crow – Devil’s Night, the big strobe light/revenge scene in the boardroom
Can’t Hardly Wait – nerdy guy singing “Paradise City”

Signal to Noise – Love that Raising Arizona scene! The yodelling is key.