What's your fav online comics ?


Does anybody like to read online comic ??
it’s good for killin time when rendering :scream:

These are some of my favorites:

And some manga for downloads :applause:
(My fav: 20th Century Boys, Blue Heaven, GANTZ)


a friends online comic, much like PA.

Inktank is down right now but Angst Tech archive is well worth the visit.


Not sure if this qualifies, but www.ninjai.com is a good stop for me…


My Fav:



8Bit comic - http://www.nuklearpower.com/index.php

i read Ctrl Alt Del too.




pvponline (Player vs. Player)



Apart from the ones mentioned alread (Sinfest, PA, PVP, AT et al), I tend to read these:


Applegeeks (Nice art, pretty funny stories)
Diesel Sweeties (Old skool pixel style. mostly good, hillarious at times)
The Creatures In My Head (Freaky creatures, with so much personality it hurts)
Mac Hall (Crazy comic with very good art. Lost of laughs)

And my favourite

Atomic Toy (Totally off the chart parody of Dragon ball called Buttlord GT, a great parody of rpg and fantasy in the making, called OMFE - Oh My Fantasy Epic. Add to that lots of nice short comics and you’ve got a winner)


VG Cats
Angel Moxie

BIG resource with online comics:

Drunk Duck


FLEM (warning: VERY violent and obscene. Most of it’s random, or very angry political commentary-- go to )The Jay Archives for the Jay storyline, good stuff)

Mixed Myth (Hilariously funny fantasy comic, with art that’s gradually been getting kinda spiffy)

Return to Sender (wish this one would get updated someday, it’s great so far

Eric Conveys an Emotion (…Okay, it’s not a comic, but it’s the funniest damn thing anyway-- AND good expression reference!)


www.penny-arcade.com without a doubt. It’s gaming humour at it’s best, and the rants are funny too! So many updates during the week!:smiley:


Originally posted by erilaz
www.penny-arcade.com without a doubt. It’s gaming humour at it’s best, and the rants are funny too! So many updates during the week!:smiley:

My thoughts exactly :slight_smile:


8Bit comic - http://www.nuklearpower.com/index.php

I like swords, yes, thats right. I like swords.

Also, I gave away all my shineys cause the college financial aid department told me to.

Seems ol’ Fighter and I have a few things in common :smiley:


Sluggy Freelance!
Sluggites of the world unite!!

http://www.schlockmercenary.com is also cool. If you go back in the archives the art is really bad, but improves a lot as the strip goes on… so stick with it, really good strip.

http://www.scarygoround.com is very quirky.


Hmmm, forgot about Flem.

Red Meat

User Friendly
Chopping Block

Yuh, I know…

regards, Paul


Red meat, Penny-Arcade, Mac Hall, those are the one’s I usually browse…

As quite a few people here do! :slight_smile:





:applause: thank’s for sharing guys…
Now, I won’t worry to run out of comic while rendering :scream:

keep 'em comin


those are free right? How in the blue blaze do they make money? Just thinking out loud. Anyway GREAT thread. Now to go read em. Thanks for the links!!


Most of the people doing those comics have a regular job and do the comics in their spare time. There are just a few that do make a living out of it. As far as I know only PvP, Penny-Arcade, Sluggy, Megatokyo and User Friendly. Most of the money they make comes from merchandise and book sells I think.

Anyway, my favourites: PvP, Sinfest, Penny Arcade, Megatokyo, Mac Hall, Sluggy and Goats (www.goats.com). Great stuff :thumbsup:


just got back from Oldskooled and found this :scream:

dang… this oldskooled comic is sooo funny:applause: