whats wrong with this picture?


i have a dome of point lights with specular off and depth shadows.
And one parallel light with depth shadows
the cube is just a regular cube but scaled in 1 direction to make it longer.
there is a render tag on the foor to receive shadows but not cast them. i put a rendertag on the box with everything checked except compositing background.
any ideas why this is happening. its like the parralel light doesnt know i scaled it. but the point lights seem to have no problem.
btw i have c4d ce Thanks


heres another image. the render i did in hte viewport isnt as washed out by light as the render i did in the picture window. I didnt change anything i rendered 1 right after the other. i dont know what i am doing wrong. the light is set to 20% brightness. but for somereason when i render in the picture windows its coming out brighter. its a distant light if that matters with no shadows set. ugh this is frustrating.


can you post some files, hard to figure out what the bug might be without a file to check.


You need to increase the parallel width of your parallel light’s shadow. In C4D 7 it’s in the Shadow tab of the Light setting dialogue box (not sure about CE).


yeah that´s the solution in xl6 so i assume it will also help within 6ce.


na it didnt seem to work. I changed it to 1000 instead of 100 and still didnt work. heres my file btw

can you also see why when i render in the viewer it takes my light settings but when i render animation in picture viewer it doesnt show a shadow or like in my second post it rendered at full brightness even though it was at 20%. i dont know what i am doing wrong.


aha file helps a lto I had no trouble fixing your odd shadow bug, in the shadow tab, just above shadow outline checkbox there is a parallel width setting, I set it to 1500 and no problems it renders as expected.

As for the odd no shadow or brightness issue you mention between the viewport and thepicture viewer, I can’t seem to recreate in 8.2 so perhaps its a CE only bug :confused: I’d send it directly to maxon as a bug report.


well like it posted already i tried the 1000 and it didnt seem to get any wider and put 1500 like you state and no go. i even tried 15000 and nope. i guess thats another bug. Can anyone with Ce try it out. ill try and delete the light and put another and see what happens. Thanks for your help.

i think its just a problem with parallel and distant lights becuase with omni and spot light i have no problem with the width of the shadow.


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