What's wrong with me?


Hi all !

I’ve been searching seriously for an internship for summer time… Right now I’ve sent more than 30 letters (replying to opprotunies or just contacting studios). I’ve found only a position in Florida (where I can’t afford going the more). And only four reply to say NO (which is better than no replies)

I was wondering what were my failings. There is something I may not understand. I should be a total noob without knowing that. What’s wrong, I do really need your help! Next summer I won’t get teh same results than this year. I do not understand why my profile does not interest anyone, I want to work… but no!

Here is the letter base letter package I send. Since now I though I could get something…

Dirs Sears,

With reference to _

I am a 19+ years old french guy living in Northern France (Lille). I am a self taught really interested into graphic design, modeling and animation. I got involved really early into those subjects (more seriously for 3-4 years). I even join studio teams during my holydays really young! I recently passed many art schools exams, and I will study at the famous Supinfocom animation school soon (check out www.supinfocom.fr). I wanna be an animator working on film and short film animated projects.

What am I able to?
Technicaly speaking, I am proficient in MAYA (the one I prefer), as well as 3d Studio MAX. My passion lies in character modeling and animation, but I know UV mapping, the basis of lighting, animating, dynamics, shaders, rendering and know well mel/expression coding. I am also skilled in Photoshop, Flash, Php|MySQL and any others. I am stronger in character modeling and I want to imporve my skills in character animation. I attended a character animation lecture by Kyle Balda (Pixar animator met at Anima Brusells) and it has really motivated me!

Otherwise, I am also quite creative and still seeking for my style. I tend to want loking at too much things at the same time, I have give more attention in one subject to work better in that direction then… Today, I am sure taht it is in animation I want to envolve :wink:

Working with you…
I would be really proud to join your team, working on your projects! I am enthusiastic and really motivated as you can easly spot. Someone who works well, no… who works better in a group/team, willing to share with others, making something interesting. And you know for the student I am, going abroab, changing horizon, will bring me a lot too. I want to learn more and more by you, and enhance my english (I love speaking english) too. I am looking to work in a creative, highly energetic environment, and believe that your stuidos offer exactly that!

So ?
I invite you to check my website out at http://ndhaussy.free.fr (and also my tempory file dump http://ndhaussy.free.fr/temp/)to discover some of my digital works and consult my resume (exactly at http://ndhaussy.free.fr/resume/Nicolas_dHaussy_Resume_EN.pdf ). Avaliable right now until end of September. Would obvisoulsy move to _ . If you need more information, feel free to ask me :wink: I look forward to hearing from you!

Yours faithfully.

Nicolas d’Haussy

p.s. Could you reply me when you receive this email, thanks.


I recently passed many art schools exams, and I will study at the famous Supinfocom animation school soon

I’m not 100% sure and someone correct me if I’m wrong,but you’re basically telling them that you will soon be less available while they might expect the opposite.

I just had a quick look at your online portfolio and all I can say is give it some more time,you’re obviously very talented.


I am a 19+ years old french guy comes off a bit informal I think.


I’d second what mycodesoft says and also correct the numerous spelling errors. Beginning a letter with ‘Dirs Sears’ when it should be ‘Dear Sir’ (or Madam) is always a mistake, and really you should try to find out the name of the appropriate person working at that company and address it to them directly.

Where are you applying, in France or all over Europe? Basically keep at it, there are places I know of which take on interns (Vanguard animation in London is one that springs to mind) but you have to be a little persistant.

Oh and in terms of responses you’ve done rather well - it’s all good preparation for when you send off 30 lovingly-created reels and get zero responses!


You have a lot of spelling mistakes. Here I’ve corrected some.

Dear Sir/Madame,

With reference to _

My name is Nicolas d’Haussy. I am a 19 years old and I live in Northern France (Lille). I am a self taught graphic design, modeling and animation advocate. I got involved into graphic design early in my life, and I even joined studio teams during my holidays when I was young. I recently passed serveral art schools exams, and I will be studying at the famous Supinfocom animation school (check out www.supinfocom.fr). In the future, I would like to work as an animator in animated films and short film projects.

What am I able to?
I am technicaly proficient in MAYA, as well as 3d Studio MAX. My passion lies in character modeling and animation, but I also know UV mapping, lighting, dynamics, shading, rendering as well as mel/expression coding. I am also skilled in Photoshop, Flash, Php|MySQL and many others. I am strong in character modeling and I would like to improve my skills in character animation. I attended a character animation lecture by Kyle Balda (Pixar animator met at Anima Brusells) and it has motivated me ever since!

Otherwise, I am also quite creative and still searching for my style. I tend to look at too many things at a time… yada yada and so on…

Yours truly,

Nicolas d’Haussy

edit: also agree with what mattmos said.


Thx for replies :slight_smile: Thank you mattmos and mycodesoft for having corrected mistakes I’ve made. Even if most of them are about vocabulary I can’t get easly without talking english day to day. Otherwise, yeah, you’ve modified the form to make it more readable.

StephanD , thanks you for your encouragements. No, I wanted to say that in two monthes, I’ll enter the school.

For you question mattmos, I would say I’m applying everywhere they need creatives abroad (in english speaking countries). It would be so much better to find something in UK (i.e. I can reach London by train in one hour. And train is really less expensive than a flight).

You are talking of Vanguard !? Damn, I asked a friend who is animator at this great studio if she could help me to find something England. You know, for someone whio is on the spot, taht is really easier to find/hear about what happend! You knwo, I am searching since May, I was avaliable since June the first! Three monthes I’m gonna loose :frowning:

Without focusing on those spelling errors (which have maybe made me loose several opportunities), what could you tell me? Yeah some stuffs I know and I did not done like giving the name of the personn I should contact for the position (as mattmos mentionned). Otherwise if you were a kind of career coach for me ? Cause is that only my application which was noobing (made of spelling error…)?

But all seams quite discouraging. :frowning:


[font=Times New Roman][font=Times New Roman][color=#000000]I would shorten your letter and e[font=Times New Roman]mphasize the immediate skills you can add to a company. [/font][/font][/color][/font]
[font=Times New Roman][font=Times New Roman][color=#000000][font=Times New Roman][/font][/font][/color][/font]
[font=Times New Roman][font=Times New Roman][color=#000000][font=Times New Roman][/font][/font]Don’t be discouraged. It is often hard for employers to take on interns due to the short-term nature. If an employer is very busy they may be willing to hire someone short term. But, for short-term work, they will usually look for someone who can jump right into a project and is from the local area. [/color][/font]

If you can 't find a job as an intern, hit the streets and find some free-lance work. The hours are your own and the pay is better. Go directly to potential clients and sell yourself. By doing that you will learn skills ANY employer is looking for. Time and managment skils, while practicing what you love.

Good luck.


you should try & present your work better. you should make your letter shorter & let your work do the talking.

welcome to the industry! i think i sent out close to 60 reels before i got my first job. 3d/vfx is not an easy field & you will be disappointed at times but it will happen if you stick to it & are good.

good luck!


you do have a reel, dont you? i suspect that employers are more interested in what you have done CG-wise.


we would like to see your demo reel so we can comment about it. Maybe there’s something on your demo that companies dont like such as:

-Lents flares
-flying object
-3D porn
-robots… ect


[li]The letter is a bit unstructured. Make sure you have structure in it.[/li]The letter should consist out of a couple of things:

-Introductory paragraph: Why are you writing this letter, eg I should like to apply for the position of MEL programmer.
-Body of the letter: What could you mean for your employer, what’s your motivation
eg As you can read in my cv, I’ve worked on several projects that include sophisticated characteranimation. During the last project I was responsable for animating the main character. I’m a punctual worker who likes working in team.

These are just examples of what you can write.
Make sure you don’t put in too many things that they already can read in your cv.
[li]I am a 19+ years old french guy living in Northern France (Lille). [/li]This gives me an amateuristic impression.
[li]Applying for a CG Job -> you should give your demoreel with it. As beej told you in a nice way: let your work do the talking![/li][li]Apply for one job, eg modeller and make sure your demoreel contains your modeling experience, and don’t show off with animations or visual effects,… if you’re not applying for it. Most CG jobs are specified to modeling, texturing, rigging, animation, … so make sure you’re GOOD at one of them, that you really like.[/li][li]Maybe inclose a Curriculum Vitae, which is a structured paper with all your studies, references, interests and (contact)information about yourself.[/li]Doing so, recruiters can immediately see your abilities in a structured way. You can ofcourse make it more artistic if you want to, but be carefull for most recruiters don’t like that…
You can find numerous CV’s on google. The americans call them resume.
[li]Start your letter with[/li]

  • You know the name: Dear Mr. Xedod (eg)
  • You know the gender: Dear Sir/Madam (manager)
  • You don’t know the gender or name: To whom it may concern
    [li]End your letter with[/li]
  • You know the name: Yours sincerely,
  • You don’t know the name/gender: Yours sincerely,
  • It’s a manager/Dr. P.D.: Yours faithfully,

The United States is used to close the letter with ‘Yours truly’
Never be too assured that the recruiter/personal manager is a male!

After Yours truly,… you put in to breaks followed by your Name.
[/ol]I hope this was a bit helpfull. Get the job! And keep us noted :slight_smile:

Greetings from Coutrai :smiley:


3d porn, hehehe :deal:


Calm down buddies :bounce: I am just searching for an internship… Sure you could reply me that it requires the as much for an getting an internship or full-time position. For who has read my resume, you’ve seen taht I’m not a first-timer :wink: I have several nice little experiences in real studios environment. But no, I do not have a reel… it would be great to start my reel by stuffs I made during an internship :deal:

xedod : Thx mate for you check list of the “winning application”! I just do not agree with you on those points :

  • When you say that my letter wasn’t structured enough. Sure there is too much things (I want to say all that can helps my application), but all is well organized and there are even titles to each parts.
  • “This gives me an amateuristic impression” Yeah, taht’s right, I am a self thaugh. I do believe that in some cases, when self thaughing is well shown, it can be valuable. At least it shows the motivation. I game studio employers (that finally didn’t take me) said me he like the “garage” nature (to explain it quickly, the fact a guys try through his own meanings to create something from not a lot, getting smart…)

Otherwise, sure, you’ve given me great tips (which would help me next step, when I will have a reel).

During I was thinking about what you’ve adviced me I’ve made this model from crash (kind of stuffs I won’t do for my own, style talking). Just to show I can do valuable stuffs for a stufio… at least I do believe so. Isn’t it? It took me around 1 hour to tweak this model and add accesories (from a topology shape I made later for another character, the old shape took me 5-6 hours).


im in the same position as you, pretty much.

but I know one thing: get yourself a reel.

there are LOTS of threads here to help you put together a really good reel.

that’s what’s missing from your portfolio and that’s the key reason you aren’t getting a job.

one other thing: you must learn to take constructive criticism better. everyone’s trying to help you out here, which you must surely appreciate without jibing back.

good luck and let us know how you get on!


one last thing - if you have any english friends/teachers then pass your resume and cover letters onto them for approval 1st. presentation means a lot. :slight_smile:


What is this ? ninjas ? is it 3D ? looks misterious… :curious: Batman ?
6 hours ! wow…

well at least your young so you have plenty of time to make a good demo reel.


Great you learned something from my post.
I’m certain that you can do something for the game industry in particular.

A friend of my did his internship at larian studios, here in Belgium.
Maybe you should check that one out?



mothermachine : Ah, we are in the same case, so best wishes to you mate! All my apologies if get misunderstood I do appreciate all advices you give me buddies. I’ll seek those thread to build a good reel!

??? : Yeah that’s 3d… But nor a ninjo, nor Batman (even not batman forever). It is more influenced by the Disney Mulan’s Huns (http://www.the-reel-mccoy.com/movies/1998/images/mulan3.jpg ) In my mind, he is a guy watching at sundown from a huge plain in the wind on his shortlegged “horse”. And here is the model I started from (the 5 hours one : http://ndhaussy.free.fr/temp/tempIMAGES/1920ModelingRough.jpg ) Which was inspired from 1920 sculpture style.


I think you really need to work on your presentation a bit.

Your letter is very informal, almost conversational. Perhaps you could get someone with a bit more experience, who’s fluent in English to help you write it. A more professional cover letter would help.

Your resume, (C.V. if you’re applying to the UK), should be included with your letter (your letter is only a cover letter), and should be the main focus of your application. People should NOT have to go on the internet to view it. Also I think, while your resume is beautifully designed, again, it’s very informal. Maybe tone it down a bit and concentrate on what you’ve got to offer CG-wise, not the fact that you’re good at graphic design.

You really, really need to include a reel. Stick your best stuff on a VHS and send that. The postage will cost a bit more, but you’ll get a much better response.

Your website could do with a makeover. Remember it’s for people to look at, so make it easy for them.

You say in your letter that your passion is for character modelling and animation, yet I see none of that on your portfolio. And the standard is very mixed. The first image of the man in the suit is nice, you should have a whole page of stuff like that. And all your stuff should be on a simple portfolio page (e.g. just a table of thumbnails ), you shouldn’t have to refer people to a file dump…


Hi all !

I have been thinking about your advise. Thanks all :thumbsup: Darn, if I knew! My french style applciation made me loose a lot of time! I’ve still two hopes, but I won’t have the time to create quickly. I’ve decided to rewrite that letter from your advise, enhance a bit more my porfolio.

  • Nico