what's up with logos of 3d packages?


anyone noticed the new logo for 3dsmax 6?


hint hint, also look at maya’s new logo, and lightwave’s…

sigh :shame:


I guess that they all want to be like Sega. :wink:


They’re ALL blatantly ripping off the original “swirly” logo from Dale Williams!:shame:



Max’s new logo is so horrid, seriously… reminds me of that brown LW one (5?), all primitive times in appearence.

Ah well… tiz just a logo.


Ah well… tiz just a logo.

True, but if the product’s logo was a steaming pile of crap would you buy it? Probably not. :slight_smile:


i hope you’re not making some insinuation about the old lightwave logo…

ok it just looks slightly organic… that’s all.


Lightwave, then maya and now 3dsmax ? DUDE !!! what’s up with the snails these days ?

At least XSI softimage are lil more “Creative”


IMO, some guy at Discreet was just messing around with splines and not enough MS iterations and thought “Wow! That looks impressionist and unintentioned!” :shrug:


unn here new Alias logo.(maya logo still the same)



i love the new 3ds max 6 logo

i don’t really like 5’s, however 3ds max 4’s was a very good also




LoL movieboy

They have blatantly done a Dale Williams



I thought the Max6 logo looked more like a realy swirly Yin-Yang… you know good & evil all in one place…:stuck_out_tongue:

<------- = Yin-Yang (not 69)


A “dale Williams”: Verb. To hijack or rob. To rip off or to deface. To be fully engrossed in ones self as to not realize witch end is up and witch end is down. To take advantage or conceal truth. Steal the bling bling. To swindle or defame.


And none of the witches knew which witch was which :rolleyes:


so, witch which is it?


The “logo swirl” cliche has been going on for quite a while now… http://www.splorp.com/critique/


Originally posted by SouthernLaw
The “logo swirl” cliche has been going on for quite a while now… http://www.splorp.com/critique/

Holly man!!!

When you look at them all together like that it sure makes you think.

I need to jump on the bandwagon, making a swirly logo now!


They’re all ripping off the original mac daddy of designs… The Yellow Brick Road. :slight_smile:


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