What's the proportion of the eyeball to the head?


I’m in the middle of my first serious head model and having never seen a whole eyeball, it’s hard to tell how big to make it.

you know, is the head 5 eyeballs tall or something like that?



I have always wanted to know this. Does anyone have an answer?


on the horizontal line I think it’s about 5 eyeballs, but I’m not sure :slight_smile:


no, not about 5 Eyeballs… exactly 5 Eyeballs!!! :slight_smile: The human body is always exact, but not symmetric! :wink: not horizontal line but vertical line (from lower subnasal chin to the upper forehead).



according to this tutorial the eyeball is (always) roughly 24mm - check it out - it’s really nice - http://www.computerarts.co.uk/tutorials/type/tutorial.asp?id=23082


I know that the face is 5 “eyes” across it’s width, but I am curious about the “eyeball.” If you plucked it from the head and looked at the relationship in size.
Hmmm, here is what that site said:
The diameter of a human eye is roughly 24mm, while the diameter of the iris is normally half that of the eye - here it’s 12mm. Of course, the size can vary by +/- 1-2mm.
Thanks for the link, I think that is helpful.


just found out that the head is 5 eyeballs in width and 7 in height, the forehead is about 3 eyeballs, and the nose is about 2.
one eyeball between the eyes and one on each side. the nose is an eyeball in width and the mouth is 2. and so on… hope this helps abit anyway. and these are the male proportions.


the link above does not work any more :confused: .
So what’s finally the size of the eyeball ( I mean the sphere, not the visible part of the eyes)?
Is it 24mm - 5 eyeballs across the width?

Edit: if it’s 24mm, whats the normal width of a woman face?

Thanks in advance,


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