what's the most level of math required to be good at our job?


Quick question for everyone. *I want to get in the field when I am older, but I suck at math. *I am currently at an algebra 2 level, and if weren’t forKhan Academyor StudyPugAlgebra 2, I’d be flunking my class.

My parents think I should keep going with my math classes - I, however, think this is probably the most math I will ever need to be really good in my job.

What level of math do I need to be really good in CG? *Am I done? :slight_smile:


Well, you need some knowledge. Some frequent terms like say “allways works on resolution sizes powers of 2”. more than anything you need to know about algebra, working with axes, relative frames of reference, and all that stuff. But you are not going to be solving math equations. And since you need to understand physics to make something realistic… well you cant scape of the maths that should learn to understand those subjects… BUT AGAIN YOU ARE NOT GOING TO BE SOLVING MATH PROBLEMS



Technically there arespecialtiesthat require regardless of CG sector (Games/film-TV VFX) a CS and/or programming background most notably in areas such as creating visual effects and controlling the simulation behaviour in FX animation software, Real time Middleware development, Game logic scripting…etc.

Anyway at this point what*role do you see yourself pursuing, as a prospective career choice going forward?


As it sounds like you still have at least one more year of high school, I would suggest that you have a serious discussion about this with your counselor or other successful trusted adult. *Having worked with an animation program at a university, I never heard any of the successful students say they wish they had taken less math. *Math is the stepping stone to understanding and success in a lot of other disciplines like programming and physics as has been mentioned. * Math might also help you better understand the tools you are using. *Putting CG aside for a moment, you should also be thinking about what kind of education you want to get after high school and where. *There is tons of discussion related to quality, advantages, and disadvantages to all the different kinds of education, but now is the time to make a serious investigation into which you think might suit you best and then see what the math requirements are for the top few options you chose along with the entrance/scholarship advantages more math may provide you.

I did higher level math in high school, though I didn’t like it particularly, and was able to avoid a lot of math in college, and for me personally I regret not having done more math in college; but to each their own. *You are still young and discovering the things you enjoy doing. *Avoiding math at this point because it is hard or unenjoyable may close educational opportunities to you or steer you away from some other opportunities that you might be really good at or otherwise enjoy; who’s to say. *Of course, you can’t hope to experience all of life’s choices, but deciding whether or not to pursue math at this point should be based on a lot more then if you think you might use it in a CG career.

Good luck and blessings as you pursue your goals.