Whats the first creative thing you did with a computer?


ohhh… it was ‘‘painting’’ with special characters on C64 back in good old 80’s. something meaningful? different stuff in deluxe paint on amiga in 90’s.


Ooooh I still remember when I first held a mouse in my hand in third grade… Pure magic! Mspaint was my first application I ever started…


Uhh, hmm…in 2nd grade we used some old Mac tool to make powerpoint like programs and games so that was the first thing really. But, outside of school it was stupid text games and what not on my dad’s commadore 64 then quickbasic programs when we got a better PC. From there I got into skinning character on Quake and making levels for duke nukem3d so that’s what kinda got me into 3d work. :stuck_out_tongue:



MS paint is a early memory… I also remember a floppy disc with Doom editor on it - early version of worldcraft…those were the days.

I remember messing with Marky Mark & the Funky bunch on the Sega cd :smiley:

Matt -


Definately using Qbasic when I was about 5 years old. Made a purple box and I was chuffed!!!
Ofcourse at the age of five I simply copied the commands out of a BASIC manual I had gotten off my dad from his college years.


An exceedingly lame “low-rider” drawing in ClarisCAD on, I think, an first gen Macintosh.


Back in my early teens me and my best mate would edit out the clothing from the women in Duke Nukem 3d using MS paint. How sad:hmm:


I think my first experience was with paint shop pro doing some graphical design. Can’t remember exactly but that’s what i think.

Just my two cents.


A random and somewhat pointless animation involving dogs using keycode characters on a C64, hundreds of lines of code although it was essentially a bunch of print statements and for loops for timing - but then I was only 6 at the time.


Tents and houses with slashes and backslashes on my amstrad. After that is was text adventures in QBasic. I had a series of them, “The Detective” they were called, where you solved crimes (whilst avoiding instant deaths from seemingly harmless everyday activities).


I drew a picture of Bart Simpson in Art Studio on the C64… with a magazine cover as a reference, I drew Good ol’ Bart using a joystick! Those were the days. :smiley:


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