Whats the first creative thing you did with a computer?


For me it was through programming.

When i was faced for the first time with GW Basic back in 1989 i loved the rand command. I was combining it with the sound command to produce random sounds, and make the whole class think my computer went nuts. Not the most creative thing someone could do with a computer back then, but for me it was just the first step into a new universe of endless possibilities. Oh i wish i had that early excitement now…


I think artistically, it was random doodling on early MS Paint etc. I also remember these Basic games on our ancient school computers. There was this Gorilla game where you threw bananas at the other gorilla using speed and velocity values and the buildings could be damaged. Kinda like an early Worms type game. At school we found out we could go into basic and mess with the code to make the bananas disappear for like 10mins off screen, until they eventually came back down, or up values to make machine gun bananas.

It was funny at the time…

Animation wise, aside from flipbooks, I used to use the Animation programme that came with Paint Shop Pro and make little stick men cartoons.



I remember that the ZX80 had special graphical characters you could use to “draw” simple things with, just like the C64 and VIC20. Was nice…for 5 minutes, but it got me hooked on computer graphics hehehe


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He was awesome. So full of energy. They talked a lot about DreamFall that year. We got a sneak peak!


I love all the old old memories. I was like 8 when basic was first around in machines you could toodle with – but I’ve been around computers for so long (My mom worked for Digital Equipment) that I can’t even remember my first foray… but I didn’t even know I wanted to draw until about 10 months ago =D


I useta edit BASIC games, put my own dialogue in them etc. I also remember taking Disney Animation Studio and animating a Calvin and Hobbes comic I had laying around. Fun stuff, heh.


I drew a bike in paint, those were the days.


In 1980 I created an ASCII image of the Nostromo on a Commodore PET. That’s the first that I could think of. Although I was doing other ASCII things and making some primative (read as “sucky”) animations using BASIC and PEEK/POKE routines. A year or two later I was doing 8-bit drawings on a Commodore 64 using my friend’s Koala Pad (early version of a WACOM).


My first creative thing on a computer was… painting pixel by pixel fonts on an Atari 520ST using Harlekin ACC. On the same PC… slightly retouching scanned photos :).



But truely creative? As in I made something…

I colored menus I made in DOS, for organizing my system. It someways it was my own graphical interface. Loved that. Complete with ascii images.


I made animated clips in QBASIC. That was a blast. I pretty much wowed my computer science class. While everyone was creating pictures with QBASIC, I recreated the white house blowing up in Independence day, and the James Bond intro… :smiley:




Ms Paint! and possibly porn…


I made a lightsaber in Adobe Photoshop 5.0 the first time.


Had to be doodling in Paint. Then finally taking photos into paint and drawing onto them. You know, making people have hats or lightning in their eyes. Good times…never looked all that good though…


Used the humungo-sized touch-console to keep my beer from hitting the floor. (Aesthedes 2d graphics computer, 1985). Don’t tell anyone in the lab, they would be very upset. I think I was doing a watchface graphic or some such thing.



I programmed a really cool flashy screen thingy in qbasic on a 386. Then I programmed an adventure game with all the graphics drawn through qbasic. Fun indeed.


My first creative project on the computer was creating a text adventure game with AMOS Basic on the Amiga. I also created some pictures in the Amiga equivalent of Paint. I didn’t finish the game as everyone else had PCs by this time and what’s the point in creating a game you can’t share with anyone? In high school I did complete a Space Invaders game in Visual Basic.

I’ve done traditional art all my life, but based on my experiences with Paint, thought it near impossible to create art on a computer. Then, in college, I took a course in computer art and was introduced to Photoshop and Illustrator. I was really excited by what these programs could do and it rekindled my interest in making a computer game. Next semester I took a course in 3ds Max and the rest, as they say, is history. :slight_smile:


I started by drawing with macPaint on an old Mac SE

Ahhh…the good old days


I programmed a text-adventure on a mac plus. Or was that an XT??? Good times anyway. :smiley:


Text-based adventure games in qbasic…
Don’t remember exactly what they were about, but I seem to recall them involving lots of jelly beans.