What's the effect of the "writers' strike" on the CG industry?


So any effect on the CG industry?

Is Pixar, Dreamworks, etc. effected?


Animation writers are covered under the animation union. Only visual effects movies will be effected, but not for another year. Television vfx is the only thing that will be effected immediatly.


The effect will be that 2008 will be mental and 2009 will be very dry.


Yes. I will be one of the latter. If this doesn’t get resolved fast I’m looking for a new job by January.


I wonder if this could spark a big influx of VFX artists into the gaming industry. In any case, perhaps I’m selfish, but what I’m most concerned about is surviving the coming weeks without any new episodes of The Colbert Report.


Yes it could, but the thing is it would have to go on longer then 6 months to really hurt us in vfx for film. There are a lot of really big film projects that will keep many of us busy through summer of 2009. Especially these days how they like to pull 100-200 million dollar movies out of their asses in 6-9 months(Fantastic 4, Xmen 3).


And on the upside of that I don’t think they actually hired writers for Fantastic 4 or X-Men 3.


LOL! Zing!



I think some folks may just jump ship from the Writers Union. Part of the beef some in this group have are movies, television series, etc being made with non union folks.

I can see shows like Colbert Report telling their writers they will get a raise if they just jump ship and I can see many writers jumping ship.

The show must go on.


That makes absolutly no sense. Once the strike is over, those writers may not ever work again on a union gig which is just political suicide. Your going to sacrifice your whole career for a few months of work?


Colbert (and most working comedians) was a writer. These guys usually stick together, which is why the strike has so much clout. Jay Leno, Dave, and Conan are showing reruns in support of the strike.


… and also without writers they don’t have much of a show.


**there was a writer’s strike in 88 and eventually Dave and the rest did air new shows. Letterman said something like: “the show must go on so some guy is going to come in and shave me for the hour. Only 59 minutes to go folks!”

I remember Star Trek the NG had to use a few old scripts that were written for the proposed 1977 series.

Given the poor state of big budget screenplays these days (ok maybe the script for Transformers was brilliant and the director ruined it) I dont see why they need a writer at all.
Surely someone can come up with a writing computer–plug in a million story scenarios, all the works of shakespeare etc, and let it randomly assemble a script:

Hamlet in Space

Alien Farmers Almanac

Attack of the Spaghetti Men

I didnt come up with those–a computer did. :smiley:


Film: I suspect it’ll result in a lot of work in the next year or so, as people rush crap out the door, and expect us to fix it in post. I worked on F4 and X3, and it’s true, they were just banged out as fast as possible.

Animation: Probably carry on as normal for the time being, although I understand some of the revised WGA stuff involves animation.

TV: Will be hit pretty hard, as Mike already mentioned.

Commercials: Carry on as normal, I’d think? Unsure about WGA rules with commercials.


not that i care too much about this show anymore, but i wonder how shows like “Heroes” will be affected by this…? also, all the new shows that either air before or after – they are all rather VFX heavy (for TV)…


Heroes, Lost, Prison Break, and poor poor Supernatural… If the strike doesn’t get sorted out FAST (within just a couple of weeks), the likely course of action would be to finish up the scripts they have already written and pull the plug on the season to protect against losses. Apparently the directors are up to renegotiate next year as well, setting us up for more of the same crap.
Im not normally a doom and gloom guy, but I’m preparing for the worst.


I hope it ends soon…no more new Office till it ends I heard…and BSG got pushed back until April, but that might be unrelated…however I’m sure the strike can’t help it :sad:


Come join us in sunny LA, Mike! :smiley:


I have an intense hatred of people who strike that already make more money then I ever will.

(average writer makes about 200k from the article i read.)


I’m sure that the “average” actor makes 500k a year too. Unfortunatly like most averages, the people making 20 million a movie kind of screw up the “average”.