Whats The Best Way To Do Mist


I want to have a scene where a creature comes into view partly obscured by mist - how should i go about it?




You can use the built-in fog in C4D, volumetric lights, pyrocluster, etc…
There were also some haze shaders from pelham design back in v6 and v7, i’m not sure they still work in v8:


Not long ago there was a tutorial on that on the 3dworld mag where they used volumetric lights to do it.


Here’s a file like that what Twilight spoke of, a dome of visible lights casting light shadows.

It’s easy to control, scale the null for distance;



Thanks for the reply Twilight - i’ll have to read up on the fog shader and volumetric lights, i dont have pyrocluster and those shaders from Pelham designs look interesting - i tried them a while back with limited succes but im sure they have potential

ITC - thats great - i tried the fog in my scene and it looks much better! - i’ll have to take a closer look at how it works - Thanks again!

(i’ll post a render when ive got a decent setup)


It appears that the Storm Tracer plugin that everyone is talking about will be your best bet for rolling fog. Countless movies have used that type of technique for mist and fog: a large particle emmitter, some turbulence, and some animated sprites. Looks great and FAST to render.


Hey Brent ive just bought it :thumbsup:


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