whats the best plugin for fire?


Whats the best plugin for making fire. Both freeware and buyable. I am willing for both if cost is right.

thank you


I’d guess AfterBurn, and that real explosion footage,… pyromania maybe.



for tendril based flames phoenix does a great job (www.digimation.com)
for explosive fireballs afterburn (www.afterworks.com or turbosquid.com)

for freebie stuff I have a video tutorial on fire somewhere, if you’re interested email me at amckay@allanmckay.com as I haven’t posted it on my site yet.



Pheonix hands down for flames, and Afterburn for volume fire and smoke on top of that. Both will cost you though.
If you want to do it for free, you can get somewhat close with a lot of work within Max using the standard tools.


I do have afterburn but I wasnt able to make any fire with it. I have some good explosions with it but hopefully soon I will get allans’s dvd.

AllanMcKay- I tried emailing you but it didnt work. (reason: can’t create (user) output file)

I would like to see and use your fire tutorial, my email and msn is feddders@hotmail.com


lemme know if that link doesn’t work. Just needed to dig it up and was too busy when I posted the previous message.

Just a simple tut on how to build some fire in pflow…

hope that helps!



Thanks allan, its a great tutorial. Always great to be downloading the video tutorials :slight_smile: Ill be adding this one with the others, lol

Thanks again.


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