Whats the best book to learn how to draw?


This book has to be for a person that doesn’t know anything about drawing and needs to master all the fundamental requirements.


I think Drawing by Keith Micklewright will help you understand the fundamentals of drawing. I read this book and it seems anyone will be able to understand it with any amount of knowledge. Also knowing what line drawing is as well as mass drawing will help. The Practice and Science of Drawing by Harold Speed is where you can learn more and will teach you many other fundamentals of drawing that is not in the Keith Micklewright produced book, but although both are a good start. You can probably find the first book at your local library and the second book you can find at Gutenberg as an epub or pdf.


Where can I get these books for free on the web?


You can’t get the first book for free you would have to order it. The second one I told you you can order a hard-copy or get it from Gutenberg.


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