What's lurking in Caves


Hi all

been along time since I posted here

This is my latest concept the Dugawa’s Cave.
Basically I wanted to create a huge creature that lurks in large underground caves and has an ancient feel to it. I want to concentrate on things like good composition and colour, so it would be great to get some feed back because eventually I will make it in 3D.


The image is very, very dark right now. I know it’s underground, but you need to think about getting some more light in there so that people can actually tell what they’re looking at. Maybe you can throw in some other light sources - glowing crystals/moss, lamps. I’m having a hard time actually telling what the creature’s design is at the moment, mainly because it is so dark, but I’m not convinced by those horns or how very reflective his skin is. His horns look like they’d get him trapped underground. If you’re designing an underground creature, you should be thinking about what features they use for digging, how they navigate in the dark (is it very good sight, sound, smell, infrared?) and what they eat. Underground, there’s not much large-scale food, so why is his mouth so big and full of tiny sharp teeth?

Compositionally, I’m not fond of the large dark splotch running straight up in the foreground on the left, and the rock formations pointing downwards in the background are really uniform, also pointing straight down, which giving you a lot of vertical lines on the canvas, and forming tangents with the top of the guy’s head.


I think the scene itself contains enough light that can be used to help the creature read more clearly–you just have to turn the creature a bit so that more of the light is hitting it at an angle that shows the important forms on its face. The main problem is really the face area. We can see its mouth and teeth, but the upper half of its face is totally vague.

I agree about the horns–doesn’t seem practical for a creature that dwells in caves.

The two vertical columns framing the creature seems like they’re only there for that one purpose, and doesn’t really make the composition better. I feel that all elements in an image should serve at least two important purposes, or else it’s just taking up space and acting like filler.


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