What's in your CD player?


Doesn’t matter if your rendering, modeling, rigging (oh I hate rigging soo much), or doing some texturing; we all need to whistle while we work. Here is what I’m whistling too right now.

Tiger Army:III Ghost Tiger

Wilco: A Ghost is Born

Johnny Cash IV

Weezer: Maladroit

Alkaline Trio: Good Mourning


Well for the past week in my car it’s been The Killers: Hot Fuss (GREAT CD!)

And on my computer I’ve been listening to bunch of songs from iTunes.


ministry > filth pig
blur > think tank
chemical brothers > exit planet dust
uncle > neverneverland
acid bath > when the kite string pops
DJ Shadow > endtroducing


a warm cup of coffe.


Last of the Mohicans: Sdtrk

DVD player: Amadeus


In my vehicle’s Bose CD changer:

The Cure’s (self-titled newest release)
The Beastie Boys’ To The Five Burroughs
Muse’s Absolution
Wall of Voodoo’s Call of the West
George Michael’s Patience (don’t laugh- it’s good! Really.)
Recoil’s Liquid

In my home Denon CD changer:

Dido’s Life for Rent
Jesse Cook’s Nomad
Massive Attack’s 100th Window
Zero 7’s Simple Things
Portishead’s Dummy

In my home Toshiba DVD changer (for music):

Underworld’s Everything Everything
Nine Inch Nails’ And All That Could Have Been (rocks!)
U2’s Live At Slaine Castle
Peter Gabriel’s Growing Up Live
New Order’s 511

And that’s about it for the next few weeks :wink:


i listen to my bboy breaks…

or my breakdance music… not techno, i hate techno


i listen to Linkin park ,though its old , but of course i stop working . so i prefer silence


Final Fantasy Tactics OST


At the moment the holy ten years after live cd :buttrock: :buttrock: :buttrock:
other things are Jimi H, jefferson airplane, stevie ray vaughn, RHCP, Bob Marley, led zeppelin , the dave brubeck quartet. Some stuff of Yoko Kano, sweetwater, johny winter, R.E.M and of course the super cool gorillaz :smiley:

But when animating or when I have to do something really really good, no music at all. Music distracts, you can focus better without music. I think this counts for everyone, so it’s not my lack of concentration :stuck_out_tongue:

EDIt, how could I forget Royksopp :argh: That’s really nice to hear late at night :thumbsup:


Lazy Line Painter Jane, by the quite wonderfull Belle and Sabastian


Tiger army:II Power of moonlight (love em!)

Dropkick murphys: Live on St. Patricks day, Blackout

Strung out: Suburban teenage wasteland blues, Another day in paradise

Face to Face: How to ruin everything, Reactionary, Don’t turn away, Face to Face [A&M]

Punk-O-Rama: 4,6,7, and 8

and Boy Sets Fire: tomorrow come today, After the Eulogy

I play them all on random. I listen to lots more, but thats what I’m listening to right now.


Poison’s Greatest Hits :buttrock:


[QUOTE=SGT.Squeaks]Tiger army:II Power of moonlight (love em!)QUOTE]

Tiger Army: III Ghost Tiger is really good if you haven’t already picked it up.


at the moment…a rotation of all of Everlast…Killswitch Engage…Lenny Kravitz…Lamb of God…Soulfly…finger eleven + rainbow butt monkeys…r. l. burnside…


Tenacious D, the song currently playing: Slap the booty


Eric Jordan - On Course


Vivian Stanshall “Teddyboys Don’t Knit”
Beastie Boys “To The 5 Boroughs”
John Coltrane “A Love Supreme”
Johnny Cash “Live at San Quentin”
and, <ahem> AC/DC “Back in Black”


sufjan stevens > seven swans

the album leaf > in a safe place

the flaming lips > yoshimi battles the pink robots 5.1

belle and sebastian > tigermilk

jim o’rourke > insignificance

mogwai > happy songs for happy people

yo la tengo > summer sun

radiohead > kid a


Masters of Hardcore volume 16 :love:

current song is Dione - Come here and die :bounce: