What's happening people?


Not much action lately around here… Can we get some updates on where people are and what they are doing?

From what I can see we’ve still got to finish off the animation, texturing, lighting and rendering. The website I’ve done is nearly complete, but I won’t put it up until things are closer to the finish line.

If some people can’t continue with their assigned piece of work, we may have to find more people to pass these things on to. We need to know though!


I’m patiently waiting to see some more animation shots … :shrug:

I think I’ll find something else to work on (relating to this short) while in limbo.


good to know there is still a short film with some life in it Kirt, :slight_smile:

I don’t do much animation but I remember years ago when you started Alienz, sigh that kind of petered out and things fell apart, kirt :-), those were the days. Anyways just dropping in to say hi!



It is still on my (unfortunately long) to do list… I’m still committed to my shots and will get onto them asaic… Humble apologies for the delay


I can almost see the tumbleweeds foalting by in here its been so quite for ages.

It was really fun to work on the Previz and help on the texturing sad it seems to all come to a hault… :sad:

curse me for not having maya or I could of helped out on the animation…:sad:


BTW - didn’t we have some story boards somewhere? Y’know - finished an’all? :shrug:


Here: http://forums.cgsociety.org/showthread.php?t=236207

I might be too optimistic in thinking this, but wouldn’t it be great to get this done by the end of the year guys!?


That sounds do-able … if some new or existing animators get busy. :wip:

I have one new recruit coming in soon (well as soon as I get a reply from info@cgsociety.com :argh: ). But this is only one guy, it’d be nice to see someone else help as well.


Re: Sphere.



He is refering to me … :wink:


Thank [insert supreme being of choice here]!!

Ila! I’m putting together a progress page so you can find out what’s done and where everything is. I’ll let everyone know when that’s available. For the time being … browse the threads here and get familiar with what’s going on.

As I already stated … there is a skeleton crew working here now, so we may have to finish this on our own (unless some other people who said “Yeah COOL!” wish to recommit to the project).

Glad to see you here Ila! :bounce:


Glad to work again with ya, Kirt. :scream:


Hey Ila, glad to have you on board!

Let’s get the ball rolling again shall we (no pun intended). :smiley:


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