Whats going on with car models?


I go to turbo squid and all ferrari models are gone bmw models gone. A lot of car models are just being deleted. Some one want to fill me in?

Were are you guys going for car models now?


Many car manufacturers cracked down on unlicensed digital assets based on their designs. Even if you find models you might be in deep cold water if you use them, especially when you do so commercially.


That sucks hard as i can not model very well i will have to pay someone to model a car for me. and its going to be expensive,. bastards.

Thanks for letting me know


Psst. Don’t tell them you can still get Maserati models.
(Both Maserati and Ferrari own by Fiat. But Ferrari are in charge of the division).

Back on topic. Too bad you are so brand specific because there are still quite a few models out there from other brands.


I hate Ferrari as a company. But they make some nice looking cars. I was able to pick up the TDF years ago.


Using a 3D model of a Ferrari or BMW in an animation should not be any different, legally, than depicting an actual real-world Ferrari or BMW in a film or TV show.

I don’t see how you can order a content creator to NOT depict a product - that’s all a car is - that already drives around the streets of dozens of countries every day and has pictures and video of it plastered all over the internet and car magazines.

Imagine trying to make a short film about VR, and you can’t depict the chair the character sits on - IP by IKEA - the phone he uses - IP by Samsung - or the VR headset he’s wearing - IP by HTC.

What’s so bloody special about these car manufacturers that they have a say in how their product is depicted in creative content?


If you can’t afford to take them to court and win. They get to. You personally might stay off their radar.
But Turbo Squid can’t afford that hassle-its obvious Ferrari know who they are.

My wife used to work on film shoots. If a car is clearly depicted in a film. Believe me - it has special permission to be there.


You already have to get permission to use in Film.
Nothing new.

Also paintings, too.
We had many shots which we had to replace painting because the studio could not get the permission.


I think it was BMW who took action first against Turbosquid, and TS immediately took all BMW models off their store.


it is their brand name and icon, they have rights to it and to sell models on it to make profit is illegal. supposed you made a model and someone else copied it, sold it on turbo and made profit off your design. same thing.


Go to hum3D (used too be known as Humster3D) the largest online resource for car models, with the added bonus of being pro authored as well which is extremely useful so thankfully there’s no need to sort through a pile of rubbish trying to find either a game ready asset or hi res copy fit for purpose in whatever format desired.


It doesn’t matter if you can buy it or not nor where to buy, you can not use it unless YOU have permission.
Whats the point of buying it?


i can’t wait for the day that the companies that make newspaper boxes and parking meters and door handles get in on this racket. If military contractors can claim ownership of designs paid for by the public, maybe the US mint should crack down on the unlicensed use of the likeness of paper money in TV shows and movies, too. And all of that clothing you see on TV and in movies, surely someone owns those designs also.


There is already market for something-like.
When I was at school, we have a sound library which has StarWars-“like” music and etc.

You can use looks very close alternative. But, that itself is another protected design.


EDIT: deleted because I made a stupid comment about Hum3D without reading the license agreement properly.


For personal none commercial work or prototyping a game dev idea?!

If as I had understood correctly, the OP would struggle to model eiither of the aforementioned vehicles so rather than pay someone at prohibitive rates modeling them from scratch why not take advantage of a much cheaper option plus you’ve a choice of downloading an unsmoothed base mesh, at the very least a good self learning tool for the novice studying topology/geometry design…etc. besides it’s not really apparent how these assets will be used in the first place, hence my initial advice.


I think the issue for car companies is that their designs are often quite distinctive. Also their logo’s are quite prominently displayed on the front.
Also remember in shows and movies where ‘suits’ are quite prominent. Armani, or other tailored garment manufacturers are credit-listed.
Even to the point as to which actor was wearing them sometimes.
So check that point again.

Basically what it all comes down to this.
Any manufacturer -of anything- can try to enforce their copyright no matter what it is. Any artist can choose to ignore it. So its who has the money to win if it goes to court.
Also you can factor in which country you live in as well. Some countries just can’t or don’t enforce this stuff for anybody.
To sum up. It doesn’t matter how ‘right’ you are.
Its how far are you willing to go to defend yourself -artist or copyright owner- as it all comes down to money in the end and who is willing to spend it to be
in the ‘right’…


“personal none commercial work or prototyping a game dev idea” doesn’t make you free from copyright issue.
Often people think this money issue. But, it is not.
It is about control.

If you make a nice car model and enjoy alone, who would care?
Other than that, making money doesn’t matter.


Sometimes its pure money, sometimes it is a brand identity/affiliation & control issue or some combination of both.

In the current online climate of people trying to “monetize”
everything they put online,
it is of little surprise that we see more rigid enforcement by Trademark & copyright owners of every type, not just Automobiles.

Using someone else’s brand to add value to your monetary solicitation or promotion of your commercial interests
has long been not legal in many nations.

I am reminded of the "Star Trek Axanar"Debacle.
The sheer hubris of people who would establish an entire commercial studio for the purpose making films based
on IP they did not own
was bad enough.

However the Axanar Rabble went about raising Hundreds of thousands of USD on crowd funding sites.
While claiming to be the sole arbiters of what a “true” Star trek film should be like, and publicly Disparaging Paramount inc.
the very owners of the IP they were using without permission.


years ago I was into Flight Simulator, there were many airliners painted after real world companies, guys would fly real world routes etc. Well one of those airline companies suddenly decided to throw a major hiss fit over use of their logo even though nearly ALL of the models were free, they issued cease and desist order from their lawyer to several websites and individuals from said company saying they WOULD pursue legal action if those models were not removed. they did not want money, they just did not want their logo used PERIOD. needless to say it was done and said company became persona non grata in the flightsim community.

so, in short and as said above, it is about control of their image/logo.