What You Need to Know to Succeed in VR


Virtual reality is among the most interdisciplinary art forms ever made. To master it, creators must be Renaissance Men and Women.https://www.fastcompany.com/40477247/what-you-need-to-know-to-succeed-in-vr?cid=ps002FCWorks.Couchbase123&utm_source=ps+facebook&utm_medium=paidcm&utm_campaign=ps002FCWorks.Couchbase123&utm_content=virtualreality3


Nice article, not much in it I did not figure out myself, though.
VR is the new land, lots to explore, things considered rules in 2.5d game design only applicable to a very limited degree-- I think we have yet to see the system seller that really makes something with VR that everybody wants to experience and that does not compare to 2.5d any more.

There is a lot of bitching about VR as a flop because it is not cheap enough, fast enough, does not sell enough— people talking like spoiled brats (it’s not 4 k per eye, bah) not seeing that VR is in the very beginning right now. Actually the second time, but the first go was too early, visualization computing was just not there yet.

Watch “Halt and catch fire” to recap what the beginning of other computer stuff we take for normal today was, how much trial-error-failure and finally success it all takes— (remember how Computer games were considered to be at the end of development when Atari went out of business? Remember the search engines before google?) and use your imagination what VR (which already is astonishing now, but only visual with hand controllers) can become with a few years of technological progress-- imagine touch (Technology was available in Frauenhofer institute at the end of the 90s already where electric stimulation of hand nerves created the illusion of really touching something virtual), heck, even smell (technology also exists already) combined with the rendering and display tech in 7 years—

We will very likely see companies and technology come and go, but I am very sure that VR is something that will advance and stay-- it will be the ultimate universal escapistic drug someday. Ready player 1 ?