What the hell is xdugef...


are you talking about parcated polys ?


to parcate, parcate, parcated is not in the dictionary–or ANY dictionary for that matter–and I have “quite a few” at my disposal.

If you check back here Cerreto, could you atleast give us some tiny morsel of information as to let us ponder?



xdugef is the guys last name and parcated is a term for something that happens to polys at times when you use his aproach to modeling he is supose d to post here at some point but his site is down so maybe not


xdugef? paracated? …DRAGON STANCE!.
silly rabbit, trix are for kids.
these terms might sound a bit weird. but then again when a director pulls out his hands to frame a picture…it looks weird to everyone, almost silly if you will, except to the people that understand what hes about., and what hes trying to do. frame his next masterpiece.

look further barney


i’m still very puzzled by this Tomas Xdugef method.
the explanation in previous replys are a tad confusing to me newbie. i’m sure it confuses many a others learner.

hope someone can kindly explain it in easy layman terms…
all i heard/read of is box modellin, spline, nurbs, patches… n never this Tomas Xdugef???

many a thx

did sum1 mentioned a mob?? :smiley:


honestly cerreto, I think we all know that already.
I’m quite sure we’ve all visited the site:
and have been disappointed.
for some (grr… ME) have unintentionally memorized the bloody URL.

Had we any actual details, heck I"D write a nice tut on it if I knew what it was…

*edit: We’re not that stupid, we know of Thomas Xdugef… all we know is him, and you information hoggers :wink: keep using parcated–I’m assuming Mr. Xdugef created the word no? Anyway… I pretty much meant, something we didn’t know Cerreto. Please?

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:annoyed: :beer:


One thing i love about the CG industry is that its like a pack of hungry beasts waiting to sink there teeth into any new technique or software to find out if its better than the one each of us currently use. I dont know what xdugef is but i’m sure as hell keen to sink my teeth into it.


now. tts a nice term
errm… no fingers pointing :smiley:

anyway, keep the spirit of sharing alive.


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new recruits coming up! :stuck_out_tongue:


Feel free to point at me, I take all responsibility if I am to be blamed for anything. Heck, I’m used to it.

That’s an excellent expression: “keep the spirit of sharing alive.”
Please do fellow 3d artists!!!

Woo Hoo!!

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Though I didn’t start this, I’d like to thank everyone. We’re either one step closer to figuring out wtf the Xdugef method is or organizing into a vicious “beast” of a mob POed at “info hoggers.”
So… Thanks.


The place I heard of Xdugef’s name was in school. We had a lecture in the art class on Chinese thread theory or somthing about a guy named Leonardo (not daVini). It was all about reverse detail and solid threads… We had to make art using big giant balls of string and pulling them apart to flesh out the areas of ‘low detail’. It was really weird and I dont think anyone ‘got it’. :slight_smile: I know I’m pretty sure I didn’t.

Anyone else heard of this Leonardo guy? I’ll try searching through my school crap and asking a couple guys i keep in touch with.



i think the guy your talking about mike is leo ponstel or poestel or something like that im bad with names i think he was the guy that talked thomas into coming to the states as for hording the info its just a modeling method asking someone to describe it is like saying how do i model a head ! i think martin k is doing a tutorial on it so im sure youll be able to see shrtly im not hording its just pretty detailed and confusing stuff to you tried it a few times then its just like any other method of modeling! its good for details and realistic modeling but better have a fast machine or forget about it


The name sounds right i think. I cant remember. I’m going to ask Martin in his Challenge thread…


atleast describe what parcated means please!

I guess it is worth waiting for…

:annoyed: :annoyed: but who knows when the mob shall return!!!


so, do i get a hi poly box, n start sculpting?
using primitive shapes to cut away unnessary stuff from this box.
is this wat u guys been talking about?


But do you think cerreto, you could give us the main idea–the gist?

Some kinda hint!



I found that. It sounds like the same stuff and has the Xdugef name in it. This IS the guy we learned about in school…

s1762: that sounds almost right except i think according to this line theory stuff it has to have a single continuos edge… I couldnt find anything about Danielle Gallagher though. Does anyone know anything about her?



all of the links on that site are broken and his ‘paper’ is corrupted… it is an old site though. I wonder if he has a new site out there…


hmm… sounds very feasible on 2d, infact it works very well on 2d…
looks kinda cool when tried out on paper with pencil (sketchy black lines defining shape n form… maybe i’m donig it the wrong way) :confused:

but how the heck i execute it in 3d?
there will always be the edges and vertices…

hmm… n i’m sure even a simple 6 sided box has more than 1 continous line… dang. where’s the pro? n tutorial? :shrug:



so how the f**k do you pronounce it?


I think as ‘ECKS-duuge-eff’