What the hell is xdugef...


Sorry, but I’m seeing this all over the board, and nobody has bothered to explain it. Is it a style, method of modelling? What?!


I think we’re waiting for some white papers to be located. I know that a lot of people are interested.


I think it’s BS :wink: :wink:

Xylophone’s Did Us Good
Everyones F’ed


I’m thinking it’s BS as well…otherwise some documentation would exist, but I’ve found nothing.


If it is, then it’s pretty damn funny. RM, I like your def of it. LMAO :slight_smile:


i think the guy is asian you may want to try one of there search engines


Found this linked off a japanese Shade site: xdugef


Well that page just clears things right up! lol

Maybe when he has something called “content” I’ll check it out.


well, I’ve read the docs some time ago, can’t exactly remember what it’s about and the damn site where I read is IS the one taoizm found :frowning:

I do know that is has a lot to do with the so called parcated poly’s, which as I recall refers to the way they are aranged in the interdependant topology . . .

but that’s about all I remember . . . :frowning:


It’s an anagram of x-fudge - the soft and tasty vanilla flavoured treat of the X-Men.


HAHAHAHAHAH, LMAO :smiley: :smiley:


Wow I can’t believe you guys even call yourselves 3d artist and don’t know what xdugef means. It is an operation that is executed in every 3d software. Simply put it’s what occurs when a 4 sided vertical node dynamic is cross interpolated with a particle dampening, Ik based Flux Capacitor…I think :confused:


Well damn! That really clears things up!

I got a better one! It’s simply a load of horse shit that some pimple faced geek thought up, and is now snickering in his parents basement.


OK sorry guys, I was just messin around with ya… this is a quick summary.

If the inverting-core acceptor deflects the complex chronotron-feedback analysis, try to provoke a coil-composition reflex and several quantum biosphere resonances, this will create a restricted isovolumic cochrane graviton-prediction, which ought to in fact dampen the polarizing maintenance-filament formulas. Then attempt a minimum abstract component-delay correction phase to input a reversible lucifugal primary ionization perimeter operation to cancel the celestial info-sphere greenhouse effect.


simple explanation about XDUGEF concerning the rest of us:

“the world will never know”


We gotta get someone here to prove me wrong soon!!


Originally posted by rendermonkey23
If the inverting…cut…greenhouse effect.

riiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiight… Gotcha. I’ll be off xdugef-ing then


Torture!! Torture I tell you it is.

Parcate isn’t in the dictionary, isn’t in any dictionary. SOMEONE EITHER SPELL IT RIGHT OR DEFINE IT BEFORE WE FORM A MOB!!!





how the hell do you pronounce it anyway?



Oh well, I’m off to be a one-person mob… I’d ask people to join but its a one person mob…