So… my fur will not stay with the mesh once I start using blenshapes? The fur looks great and re-acts fine to my smooth bind rigging but the I’m having very little luck with my blendshapes. I’ve done test before that were successful but this was on a primitive sphere and not on my character. Has anyone else experienced this problem?




Okay so I haven’t found a solution but I’ve located the problem. It seems that if you have your inclination set to high value like .6 - 1.0 where the fur is laying against the mesh it doesn’t adjust to blendshapes. Now this doesn’t seem to be the case with mesh that’s skinned.


Hi there. Which software are you using?


Oh yeah I guess that would be a good thing to know. I’m using Maya 2012 but have also tested it on 2014 as well. Oh and to correct myself on my previous statement I’m still having the same issue with the skinned mesh as in the blendshapes.


Ok. Whats the problem exactly?can you upload a screenshoot?


Here’s what I got. The rig is just using influence controls and I’m running a 4k map on my baldness and polar maps. I’m rendering with Mental Ray.



Have you tried a “delete non deformer history” ?


Did you change the orders in the inputs of the mesh?the blend shapes and the skin node.


This is what I have for my input mesh. I haven’t changed the order but honestly I haven’t really tried looking into this. Now I do have the old blendshape node in there but with my face rig I wasn’t planning on using it.



I’ve tried deleting the non-deforming history. No change though.


well, maya fur is a pain in the a…you know. I made a short film with fur, and i suffer like hell.

i used renderman for rendering, mental ray for fur is kinda tricky and slow.

Dude, if you want, upload the scene and i will try to see whats coming up.

By the way, i found a maya plugin called peregrine labs yeti: Is amazing.


You know I already watched your short. I was like, " Okay I have to be doing something wrong". Knowing I’m not the only person having issues with Maya fur does take the edge off the sleepless nights. Thanks

Have you used Yeti? If Maya fur is going to be me this much problems and I’m not even at the animation stage, I’d be more then happy to try out another tool. Hopefully there’s not that much of a learning curve.


yes, i have used yeti. Is amazing, easy and stable. The only issue is that dosnt work with mental ray, only arnold, vray, 3d delight and renderman.

The documentation in the webpage of peregrine labs is poor, but i think in youtube you can find some videos.


I got it! Turns out all I needed to do was smooth the mesh a few times to increase the area the fur is generating on. So just a heads up if your creating fur that’s has an inclination of .8 or higher make sure you have a dense mesh so it can evaluate properly. This may have been something already known.

Thanks for the help.


Awesome dude, and thanks for sharing the solution, maybe someone else have this problem in the future.


Thanks! hopefully it will help out anyone else who falls into this furry pit fall.


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