What software does your school teach for 3D?


I don’t want this to be a Maya vs Max thread, I’m just curious to what 3d software people are learning at their schools, and what school and what major.

I’m at camden county college (new jersey), learning Maya in the “game design” program.


Here in the Netherlands at the School of the Arts in Utrecht we get 3ds Max for the study GameDesign & Development… we’d get both Max and Maya, but people complained about it being a waste of time and Maya (being the 2nd we’d learn) got scrapped.


We use 3Ds Max and Zbrush, but you are free to use any software you like as long as it gets your assignments done.


What school do you go to Kaftan, and what is your major?


I learned Power Animator 7 and Soft3d 3.5 in school :slight_smile: Oh yea, also forgot about 3d Studios v3.


Modelling it up old school! :smiley:

We were taught 3ds Max 3.0 “back in the day”, but like Kaftan we were were free to use what we liked for assignments.


ProGraf 1991


We actually had to code our own 3D software, in assembler, on the school’s PDP-11.

Then again, when I say “school”… it was just a hole in the ground covered by a piece of tarpaulin, but it was a school to us.


At University of Teeside, UK, I was taught XSI in my first year. That will continue into the second year, alth
ough we are allowed to use Maya if we prefer (but they prefer you use XSI still). Maya facilities are available to use from the moment we start univeristy though, so you can learn it, you just have to do assignments in XSI.

That is on the Digital Visual Effects course here. Of course because I am on a visual effects course I also have access to Massive, Realflow etc, and pretty much any software I can think of. You just have to take some initiative and learn it yourself :slight_smile:



I think we used Autodesk Animator Pro the first semester, and then we got into 3D Studio (Dos version). Hope that helps.


my school doesent teach 3d:sad:


Senior year at the University of Gotland, Im taking Game Development with a major in Computer Graphics.


We use 3ds Max in the courses I teach at our highschool technology center.
I also teach it at a local community college as part of the students’ visual communications degree.


forget the software, focus on traditional skills first.


SCAD Mainly teaches Maya, Softimage XSI, Zbrush, 3DSMax (for game design major), Houdini, and Renderman. You learn a bunch of other great progs too that are editing and compositing tools. It’s a 4 year program so you will come out pretty well rounded.


Its primarily Maya, but Max is installed.


We do a lot of traditional drawing at our Uni, we’ve done everything from perspective to sculpting and colour theory.


We were learned Lightwave. Started out with LW 3.5, long time ago :slight_smile:
Lightwave is still being learned there (Hogeschool Genk, Belgium)


Basic Maya and after effects, and we have really great life-drawing classes. After a few introductory lectures the maya is kind of ‘figure it out yourself and we’ll help if you need it’.


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