what size is your wacom?


The tablets work using magnets and scales… right? It just makes sense that they would… although I have no idea besides that, sooo…

Oh yeah, the 4x5 fits perfectly into my notebook bag, and since it’s usb, it’ll be perfect for when I get a laptop. Having a tablet over a laptop touch mouse would be such a nice change. Whenever I try laptops, I always wish they had a mouse. But yeah, they are such compact little things, perfect as a traveling-multi-functional peripheral I would guess.


Great stuff everyone. This will help alot of people when purchasing a wacom. I went for the intuos2 6x8 and its perfect. Not too small, not too big. Actually big wacoms can cause some problems I would imagine, having to move the pen so far. Happy new year everyone and thanks for the help.


Graphire II A6


Intuos2 A5, perfect for my needs.


two 12x18 intuos 2 tablets here…i didnt have much of a choice in terms of size, but I got a killer deal.


Just a graphire 2.


intuos A4 here, I didn’t have a choice (got it free) but if I had the chance I’d trade it IMMEDIATELY for an A5.
altho I have some traditional painting background, where I do feel the need for long flowing strokes, most of them time when I paint in photoshop I use a small portion of the A4, that means I have a huge table I only partially use.

the only good side is that it provides some space to use as hand rest, the downside is that it’s so big that I need to put my feet on the desk, stretch my legs and keep it on my lap, this way I feel very comfortable even using the A4 sized ones, but it’s no good for back strain.

as for the levels of pressure I find it overrated, at work I used to have a top of the line A4 extended wacom with enough level of pressure to store divx movies into the pressure buffer :slight_smile: and it felt no different at all from my older wacom at home (maybe it’s just me tho)


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