what size is your wacom?


I’m seriously looking to buy a wacom tablet. It would be great to do lose sketches in photoshop as a break from 3D. Also to do painterly texture maps. I’m thinking 8x6 or 9x12. Any suggestions? Oh yeah, by the way, my monitor is 21inch, 1280x1024 res.


There are a bunch of threads dedicated to wacoms, just run a search, maybe that will help you in your decision making.
I just got a Graphire3 6x8 (birthday present)
I am absolutely thrilled with it.
Spent 5 hours on it on the first go. :smiley:

p.s. Love your work


try this link:
it’s an online wizard for this problem :wink:


I have a Graphire3 4x5. I got it for Christmas and it is perfect for what I do :slight_smile:


I got an Intuos 2 6x8. Although I’m still getting use to working with the pen instead of a mouse I think it is the best computer peripheral I have ever purchased.:thumbsup:


I borrowed a 12x12 older WACOM from a friend and I think its a bit too big. I run dual 19" monitors. It seems the tablet isn’t quite the right size for my setup cause I have to take large unnatural strokes to get the same stroke on the screen. I think a 6x8 or the one just larger than that would be better. Also I haven’t given it enough time to really give an opinion on what I think about it. I really prefer traditional painting to a tablet anyways. 3D is fun also.


well, i only measured mine once. i was a bit tipsy you see…anyways it was about 7 and a half to eight inches…and…HEY! why do you wanna know how big my wacom is anyway!!!


I just got my first tablet, a used Wacom Intuos 6x8. I love this thing, no idea how I ever went without it. The size feels perfect but I haven’t used anything else to compare against.

My monitor size is 17 inch and I mostly use 1024x768.


About 7 1/2 inches…


I also got a graphire3 4x5 for christmas, the cool blue one, and I would have to say that working in the one to one ratio is brilliant with my 19 inch screen at 1280 x 1024. It’s really smooth, and I found it easy to get used to. I’m not good at the drawing bit yet, but it replaces a mouse really easily. Having that pop up menu is really nice, I like that. I’ve only ever heard that larger tablets require too large of a stroke, and I suppose that would make sense. But if you’re not working in a one to one ratio, a larger tablet could provide far more detail, I think. But I’m not sure, I’m only learning about them as of christmas.

But I would really reccomend getting one. And if your pockets aren’t full of money then I am fairly sure that the 4x5 isn’t a bad idea, especially for the price. Most people can afford it, and maybe you can just start learning on a small one. Whoooo knows. I love it, anyhow. I’ve got to go do homework now. type type type.


I have owned both the 6x8 and the 12x12 Wacom tablets. I much preferred the 6x8 because with the 12x12 you have to take bigger strokes on the surface and that didn’t feel natural to me. What you need to decide is if you like to make large or small strokes when you paint and that wil tell you what size to buy. If you can afford it, go with the Intous line. They have the most levels of sensitivity.


question, is it really noticable when you have more levels of sensitivity? I’ve heard from two people that 512 opposed to 1024 isn’t really a big deal. I’m sure it makes a difference, but is it worth the large amounts of money? It is a lot of money.


Originally posted by Annuostivix
question, is it really noticable when you have more levels of sensitivity? I’ve heard from two people that 512 opposed to 1024 isn’t really a big deal. I’m sure it makes a difference, but is it worth the large amounts of money? It is a lot of money.

It makes very little difference in my experience, you couldn’t manually pick out a fraction of those individual pressure levels.


I have a 4x5 Graphire, I thought it would be too small but it is just fine. :thumbsup:

If your on a budget it’s a good fit.


Remember that bigger isn’t always better :blush:
I have a Intuos2 A5, which is perfect for me. It doesn’t take too much deskspace, and I can easily take it with me in a backpack.


18x12 when they had their sale.


I´ve got the Intuos2 A5 size, (148x210mm of drawing area, don´t know how many inches or yards are). It´s the perfect size, because my bed isn´t very big, although we love to sleep squeezed each other.


I’ve got the Intous2 A4 tablet…

Bigger is better, atleast when it comes to tablets :smiley:


I have the Intuos2 12x12 tablet.

I got the larger size because if I wanted to work with small tiny strokes on a little tablet, then why not use my mouse on the tiny area left on my overcrowded worktable… :slight_smile:

my main reason for getting a larger vs small wacom was to get more of the same experience that I have when I’m drawing or painting so that I can use similar larger strokes and gestures and not compress my usual hand/arm movement.

I do know other people, primarily students, that use the 6x9 (?..not sure if that’s the right size, but it is the $99 one) that are really pleased with using it for texturing and such.



“its not the size that matters, its how you swing it”