What should we do now?


Lets vote!


I think I’m too lazy to do anything !! :wink:

So, without a doubt, I vote for “Spheres and Skylights”, as it’s easy to set up something good and tell the world “Do you see how strong I am and how my soft is better than yours ?” :cool:

OK, I’m out now !! :slight_smile:

Laurent aka Tartiflette :-))


I vote we murder wegg… wait let me read that more closely… ohhhh there is an if in there… huh well you win some you loose some…

-David “adds a bone” Rogers


har har. . . :slight_smile:

Go bone your model . . .


A group project would be cool. Course there’s always a huge amount of organizing involved. If we were to do a group project my vote would be for something reasonable and achievable, no 1/2 hour epics. And I think it should not be a democracy, I think one of the pro’s/ people with actual experience should be in charge, everyone makes suggestions and stuff but the leader has final say.



mmm , mini challenges… maybe I’ll try to actually finish something with A:M


Group project - sounds great - but don’t have experience enough with AM (still very much in baby steps mode) to contribute anything outside of story/ storyboard (and maybe final editing/promotion) - but know there are many here that do - could be cool gig. FWIW Second aes on the organisation on such a project not being a democracy (well not,if you want to get it finished…)

re: lights - LOL - @ Tartiflette !! what else can come from someone named after a mini cheese quiche :wink:

re: mini projects… sounds cool … and eventually from my perspective maybe doable - so guess I’ll vote there, then instantly become a hypocrite while I go practising being a wuss and lurk while I’m still learning (well until i get stuck enough to shout)…


LOL !!

I don’t know, the only thing coming to my mind actually is an awful smelling, when it comes to cool down… :cool: (Oups, perhaps I’ve found the origin of my surname !! :cry: )

OK, I’m hijacking a thread again… :banghead:

I’m already out…

Laurent aka Tartiflette :-))


My opinion is slight as I’ve yet to finish the two mini-challenges I’ve tried but … but that’s my vote. More challenges. Perhaps a shorter period of time for the challenge as they have run out of steam. And we should get to the animation part, not just modeling challenges.


It would be nice to find a way of combining collaboration with the contest. I have a lot of “short” concepts that have been put in the back burners over the years. It would be fun to see us use the contest to help one of those shorts along. That way it can have room to grow into something more than just a sexy image.


Thats a great idea Wegg. The winning work from each competition could end up in a final project. We could even have competitions for concept art etc. It would take a long time for a finished animation to appear and the work that doesnt win will all end up in information heaven but if we are going to have competitions then thay may as well be used for a purpose.


how about this: collaboration contests. a team of two or three artists (modeler, TD, animator for instance) collaborate to produce a finished shot of animation in the vein of a particular theme. are there enough of us here and interested in this sort of thing to make that feasible? final judging would be a percent on modeling a percent on texturing a percent on animation and a percent on lighting… just thinking out loud. the downside of this is that it would take 2-3X more participants than just a modeling contest since there would need to be teams…



Anyone ever read any of the theives world books? The basic premise behind them was a shared world in which individual authors were free to add to the world with their own locations and characters, and use the locations and characters of other authors in their own stories.

How about doing something like that with the challanges? Defining a set locale and then having the contests to create locations in it, and then some characters , common props, and in the end everyone would have a fair amount of assets to use in animated shorts?

Personally, I prefer modelling contests and keeping my feeble attempts at animation hidden in a dark corner of my hard drive.


How about a series of competitions running about 6 months total (1 a month), with verious loosely knit guidelines. The competitions should vary from modeling, texturing (possibly a common model) and animating.

The results of the competition should give an idea as to everyones strengths and weaknesses, and give a good idea as to which parts to assign each participant into.

Then look at the themes chosen by the participants and draft the ideas for a larger project from there. Follow up with a vote and assign leads for each section (props, characters, texture, animation, rendering/composite). The leads then distribute the tasks down the chain.

Or we could start an international pissing contest and fill the Hash model/action library thing (I don’t think I’ve seen new models on that list in some time) and everyone can just keep building up from there and borrowing from the library taking their work a step further each time.


I really hope we can find some kind of. . . insurance against runners of contest/project dropping off the face of the earth and everyone loosing interest. :confused:


I’m not an A:M user anymore, but I lurk around anyway.

If I WERE still an A:M user, though, I’d like the ideas about a contest of “teams”. The side effect is that this could produce demo reel material for people, and allow each person to play to his or her strengths.

I hope something like this comes together for you all.


Seems like more mini challenges has the most votes, so far. I agree that the time limit should be shorter, I feel like everyone works better when they can see a deadline coming.

As for using the mini’s towards a collaboration. It’s a neat idea but a little tricky to implement. Don’t forget that in less than 6 months we’ll be going through the holiday season when everyone gets more distracted. Small groups is also an interesting idea, but a little difficult since we don’t know each other face to face, and we don’t know each other’s skill levels.

But still the group building a larger project through mini challenges is a good idea. I think the answer may lie in the final product, if we have the right end goal then it will be easier to knit the seperate pieces together. Something like Aardman’s “Creature Comforts” would work pretty well because there’s no long complex sequences, just short self contained snippets.

This all reminds me of the Dojo project. Any of you oldsters :wink: remember that. What happened to that, why didn’t it finish?

Finally there seems to be a fair amount of interest in working collaboratively on a group project even if it has nothing to do with the mini-challenges. Wegg if your looking for grunts maybe you should just start a “collaborator’s wanted” thread here in the CGTALK A:M boards and see what kind of bites you get.

Sorry, guess I like to talk



Well there is the current Animation Session going on right now, here at CGTalk. That would certainly be a start.


Perhaps a collaboration thread might be a good idea, supervised by someone with real world production experience. Deadlines and assigned tasks, mmm mmm good.

I think weggs goal was simply to liven up this part of the forum, either mini challenge or collaboration, I think it’d get the job done.

hmm, then again there are other threads out on cgtalk for mini challenges…


I have a great concept for a “short” that I worked pretty hard on about a year back. Funny, irreverent, simple etc. Very do-able for a few dedicated people. I’d love to see it grow further than something in a backup drive. Would you all be cool if the contests/topics complemented this concept?