What other sites show up to date character rigs?



I’m a third year student at uni specialising in rigging. For my dissertation, I wish to create an artefact (advance rig) that potentially will stand out in some sort of way. I am looking for some kind of “objectives” that can be validated.
There are tons on here already however curious as if there are others that I do not know about.
I’ve been on youtube, vimeo and many sites selling the rigs.



If it’s a general purpose rig, you’re not going to be creating anything new, it’s what you include with it in terms of perhaps a picker or some type of GUI for selection of controls/switches/etc.

The biggest thing will be the aesthetics of the character/creature you decide to rig in my opinion. There is a bunch of high quality rigs out there, some free, some at a really low cost, so it’s up to you to determine what you feel is missing from the current collection of available rigs.

As for the theories and methods of the rigging, really that’s up to you to determine, perhaps there’s a better way to build something in your opinion in terms of the rigging methods currently practiced out there. I might suggest you look at some of the rigs from Mindbender, I find those personally really well done and quite different.


Also take a look at the mGear framework.
There is a lot to lear how an autorigger does work.
The sourcecode is free on github.



Thank you both, these websites are brilliant!