What, no Los Angeles chapter?


Well, why not start one?

if anyone is interested we can organize some meetings, maybe a conference or two. ALOT of potential for an LA chapter.

I don’t know exactly how it works, but let me know if you are interested and we can use this thread to bounce around ideas.

Here are a few to start:

  • at least one educational conference a year, with local artists to speak.

  • a bi-monthly meeting to share ideas, network, and help members with solve problems.

  • maybe a team project or two every year, or team participation in the forum challenges.
    And anything you guys might like to consider.

  • Evan


I am surprised there arent more chapters worldwide?..I am from New Mexico and would like to start one up here.
After all…isnt CG society about the largest of its kind?



I wouldnt mind leading one in LA, or even a Southern California district. I think that it could be very beneficial to the entire VFX community even worldwide to have some of the Southern California artist gather together a few times a year. I bet people would come from all over to hear speakers and see demos. We have some of the best artists in the world within a half hour from my front door…

So if you are reading this CGsociety, and think as I do, I would be willing to lead if you would be willing to support it with some marketing and adverts.

  • Evan


Hi. I’m setting up a full studio in Santa Monica. I can possibly host and provide gear.


Would minors and highschool students be allowed to attend?


Sure, I dont see why not. You would likely need parental consent and things like that, but there is no reason why not. I dont know whether or not I can just start a chapter, I would think I need the consent of the CGsociety and support in pushing it. I will have to wait and see what they say.

  • Evan


I would really appreciate to be a part of something like this and learn with and from other professionals. Meeting the people, I think, would be awesome!

And since the minimum amount of member needed seems pretty ok, would I count as one?


Still waiting to hear from the society, I think it would be wonderful.

  • Evan



I didnt see your post until just now, that would be wonderful, but again, I am waiting to hear from the Society. I think it has great potential to be a great benefit to the VFX community.

  • Evan


If I wasn’t so busy working I might be interested. Until I win the lottery I doubt I’d be able to get involved. :smiley:


Starting up a Chapter is a big commitment, and so far very few groups have managed to set something up and keep it running. If you are serious about putting together something, shoot an email to me (t2@ballisticmedia.net) and we’ll set something in motion. We don’t check this forum very frequently which is why no one has gotten back to you sooner.


Ohh Yeah, It is a great deal of commitment! I can attest :eek:

It took Chicago about 5 months to get things set up, and we are really close to having our first meeting.


Marcus Kim, AIGA


Ohh Yeah, I can attest! Setting up a Chapter is a big commitment :eek:

It took Chicago about 5 months to get things set up with CGSociety, find a home for our meetings…and all the logistics! We are only now getting ready to host our first meeting.

Best of luck though! I would love to see sister chapters.



Hey I would love to do it, I have plenty of time until I find a job. But hey, maybe when I find a job at a studio here we could use that place to have the meetings.

  • Evan


I would hit up local design schools like the AI to host your meetings. Also, talk to similar organizations such as Adobe or Autodesk User Groups. They maybe able to point you in the right direction to get things started



Would there be any objections to getting highschool students interested in the LA chapter, such as spreading the word around through teachers and such? I think there’s a lot of my fellow peers who would love to join you guys and learn.


I think as long as they society members, or CGtalk members, and active in design it should be fine.

  • Evan


Hey guys,

I think we may need to muster up a little more support and interest. If you are interested please at least post here, just to show your support. I am thinking of places to contact already, like studios and schools. I mean, within an hour from my house there is Scanline, Hydraulx, Gnomon, Pasadena AI, ILM is a bit north, and tons of others. There is great possibility.

Anyhow, please post if you are even interested and are from anywhere in CA.

  • Evan


Since my initial steps for getting the Chicago Chapter started, I am of the “Field of Dreams” philosophy…“Build it and they shall come!”

Good Luck. I want to see more US chapters! Don’t leave Chicago hanging out by itself in the US.



How local are we talking about? I’m a bit a ways south of the LA city itself, so a weekday trip there would say take about an hour or so.