What new R21 feature do you most look forward to using?


With the landmark release of R21 there are so many new features to choose from I wouldn’t know where to start.

I can’t wait to try the new viewport which can handle many thousands of animated clones, or there’s the new multi-threaded XPresso and thinking particles replacement along with the procedural modelling tools or the new integrated dynamics system. I almost forgot about the new scene caching where once cached huge scenes will playback in RT. I can’t wait for that!

Oh no, my mistake my real favourite new feature of R21 has to be the new Enhanced Splash Screen! Yeah someone at Maxon thought the R21 update was a bit thin on the ground and could do with a bit of filler. Only that isn’t the only filler the new features list has so much filler it could be a TV news anchor’s face!


Solidworks was part of R20 as well, though we’ve improved support specifically with regards to the import of assembly files.

Glad the CAD import stuff is coming in handy!


Ha, Rick, that’s right, I forgot. R20 does import SLDPRT files, just does not seem to work with the assembly files.


I’m surprised nobody has mentioned the option to disable the “Do you want to copy this texture to the project folder” dialog. That’s bound to save a hundred clicks a day.


Yay! Only just found out this has been ‘fixed’. That’s good.

Rick - has there been any improvement in the handling of duplicate Redshift materials?
Rs materials were duplicated when merging other scenes with the same materials. The ‘Remove duplicate materials’ menu option doesn’t currently work with rs materials either.


I don’t know to be honest. I’ve only had about 15 minutes in the Redshift booth at Siggraph to play with the R21 implementation. It was really cool to see all the RS nodes in C4D’s Node Editor! Your best bet at this point for an answer and to get it addressed would be to bring it up in the Redshift forums.


I don’t know if this can be attributed to Maxon but we’re most excited about being able to open Cinema files directly in Unity again. Interesting to see how animation information is handled. Better Mixamo support will be very welcomed as well. Like was mentioned above, STEP conversion was the killer feature for us in R20. They did a fantastic job with that.

Finally got my PC rig rolling. 30 years with Apple is a hard change but loving the GPU speed boosts.


it would be much more exciting if they packed up the Redshift as well guys


For me, its such a shame that Redshift is rental-only. I would happily have paid for a version with annual upgrades, but instead of some money, Maxon now gets none at all. Ho hum. Good job Octane is coming for Metal.


Doesn’t Redshift still offer a perpetual license with all add-ons (C4D, Maya, Houdini, etc.) and a year of maintenance for $500, and $250 annually after that for maintenance renewal? I think the rental is only when it is part of the Cinema 4D subscription bundle.


FWIW, Redshift is not rental only.
You can purchase it directly from Redshift3D.com. $500 for a node locked perpetual license with plugins to work on Maya, 3ds Max, Softimage, C4D, Houdini and Katana all included.


Redshift is not rental only. Rental (subscription) is just a new option that Maxon is offering for new users who don’t want to pay the $500 fee up front. You can still purchase Redshift directly from the Redshift team and get it for $500 first year then $250 for annual maintenance. With that, you get all the plugins for all available DCCs it is developed for.


Ah, well that’s good then. I may consider it in the future when it goes Metal and I have some decent GPUs to run it on.


I think one feature that will really prove to be useful is the Intel denoiser.

Look at this gallery of examples:


Field Forces looks like the one I’m looking forward to trying

I’m also looking forward to a snappier timeline, I’ve been complaining for ages about the laggy timeline. Hopefully that will also translate into the node editor, though I don’t remember the Xpresso window being mentioned. I’m pleased to see Maxon making improvements to the core and UI. All in all it looks like there will be a handful of new features that I’m looking forward to checking out.