What new R21 feature do you most look forward to using?


As the title says, I want to know what new feature you are most looking forward to trying out and implementing in your workflow.

Currently, I’m really excited about the volume caching. That’s going to make doing medical type animations so much better!


I do a LOT of 3d logo design for sports teams, so i am VERY excited about the cap and bevel tool. That will make so many things possible that once weren’t.

The improvements to the UV tools look interesting as well - not a full overhaul like we’ve been waiting for, but on the surface they look to be pretty useful.

I’m also interested in the new AOV passes. They look like they have potential to be a pipeline speed-up.

The volume stuff is always fascinating, but I have not yet had a chance to really kick the wheels on it - as I haven’t had a project which needed it.

THANK YOU for making this post, focusing on the good stuff for those of us who know that the sky is not falling.!


The improved timeline. Hopefully it will be as fast as some people say.


Rendering volumes in ProRender – but the denoiser might be a godsend. I’ve just been using the denoiser in the beta of another app and it’s like frickin’ magic.


The denoiser and cap/bevel are clearly the ones I’m going to have the most use of, but the new mixamo FK/IK rig might finally mean I can animate mocap in C4D instead of having to resort to third party solutions.

Without a good retargeting tool, though, this will still be limited, but that’s a first step in the right direction, at last.


Denoiser! So excited about that.

The bevels looks great for my work. Like @GruvDOne, if you need it (which I will), it will be a godsend.

.vdb rendering and full node support in Prorender (and supposedly other Prorender speedups).

Field forces are pretty neat but I’m going to need some real instruction to get my mind around it…


I feel like those field forces are going to be so much more useful in more scenarios than we realize. Especially since they’ve added vector fields to the volume tools. You’ll be able to use them for voxel modeling, deformation, particle work, etc.

And hopefully soon after release, X-Particles will be updated to support them.


Will test revamped fields menu, VDB model caching.

Anyone know if R21 will come with USD- Universal Scene Description?


That was not announced, but I’d be surprised if it is not incorporated soonish. (R22 perhaps?)


A small but handy features that I hadn’t heard of before :

  • Default Material preference (choose which material type is created when double-clicking in the Material Manager).

That’s great when trying to use a third party (or even Prorender) renderer by default.


Material preference and mixamo rig, and I hope playback speed of animations got better.

  • Denoiser (Intel Open Image Denoiser)




Is the denoising working with Prorender?

Denoisers in other apps create lot of problems in Animation. So I would not be too hyped about it.


the denoiser works with any render engine.


For me the the best new feature is the highres screen support for Windows .
And the UV transform tool. Finally.


“high res screen support for win”
That’s hardly a feature though. that’s like selling a word processor and selling ‘readable’ text as a feature. it goes without saying that this should have worked hassle free, long time. Just because Adobe sucks at the basics, doesn’t mean that Maxon should get away with it without some finger wagging. This “feature” should not even get a mention. it should be silently shuffled in and we pretend it always worked. Move along,nothing to see here.


i know. still a relief.


I will probably just keep using the same old features I am already well versed in and inadvertently stumble upon the new ones throughout the year, wishing I had paid better attention. :slight_smile:

Having denoising built ito c4d is a welcmoe one though. Some of us here use the ones available in redshift (and I know Arnold has a few built in as well that I havent touched), but I have used neat video for some time. Will be interesting to see how they compare.

TBH I really like what I’ve read about the new licensing management features which will be useful for us–keeping track of which artist has what license. Its been very confusiing up to this point. One of those little organizational things you take for granted until you need it. Also being able to download on demand from your acccount on a portal site like most modern software apps will be a much better system–as opposed to locating your d-load emails.


the main interesting feature for me is buried in the complete feature list under Exchange:

  • New, Improved support for Solidworks, STEP, Catia, IGES, JT formats.

Direct STEP importing was the killer feature for me for R20. If (as it sounds) they are adding Solidworks importing, this is really big for me, as i can often save clients the time to create STEP files.